16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


2. Speaking Up

Destiny's P.O.V. (Present day)

So I decided to tell him that I was in love with him, that I had been for years... only, I didn't have to, because he said it first. Crazy, right?! He was in love with me too! I just never realized. So now we're a couple. I just hate that soon we'll end up going our seperate ways, it's almost graduation!

I spend so much time being shy, we wasted valuable time! Since we've been dating there isn't one day that we haven't spend together, it's amazing. We're just like how we were before, only now I get to kiss him too! I'm about to go over to his place to see him!

Owen's P.O.V.

She finally knows, she actually feels the same. It's insane. I'm so lost in thoughts of her that I don't hear the doorbell ring. Then Destiny shouts my name, damn I love it when she says my name...

"Owen, where in the heck are ya? Open the damn door right now, so I can....." I open the door to her yells, "so you can, what?" I tease. "So I can kiss you!!" Then before I can brace myself she pounces on me and we both topple over, neither one of us caring, too focused on the kiss.

Destiny is the sweetest, prettiest, funniest girl I know. She so fun to be with, she's sporty, she's pretty, she's hilarious, she's an amazing singer, she can dance like she owns the place... she's the perfect girl. Her gorgeous red-brown hair is sprawled over my chest as she laughs, that laugh *sigh*. She looks up at me with those big hazel-green eyes, "I love you." I smile down at her, "I love you more."

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