16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


10. Perfect? That Doesn't Exist.

Destiny's P.O.V.


I'm trying to forgive Owen, truly, I am. I don't really understand him thought. One minute he's sweet, funny and my friend, next second he's a cold, harsh, stand-offish and a jerk. Was he always like this? I don't remember him like this when we were friends.... Maybe I was too blinded by love. Love. Pffttt. That's a fricking fairytale. God, look at me! He turned me to a cold hearted witch, against anything happy.

I have Joe. He's great. He's sweet and gentle. He notices all the tiny little things. Asks me about my day, even though he was there with me, in all my classes and work! He even helps with cleaning up!!!! He's great, I can see myself spending eternity with him. I think that Owen will always be there, in the back of my mind though.

Joe bought us tickets to a 5SOS concert, well technically a 1D concert that 5SOS are touring with! I love them sooo much! Especially Luke! I've already memorized their songs! I just love them. Their accents are to die for. Well, Joe got the tickets and booked a hotel for us, he said if we're going to go there, why not spend the night in a hotel and act like tourist for a few days!! Oh, did I mention the tickets are FRONT ROW, WITH BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!!!!!! I think I may die with joy. I've planed the perfect outfit. cute black dress with gold trimming on the neck and shoulder, black stilettos with gold glittered heels and a back-up pair of black ballet shoes, I know I'm going to need them! I have a gold champagne clutch and my make-up is basic, smokey eyes with gold glitter, gel eyeliner, mascara and natural lips with a clear minty gloss, I have a pretty good complexion and pretty amazing cheekbones so I don't really use much else.

I found out that Owen is taking my ex-friend Elise, to the same concert!! Like WTF?! Anyways, Elise is quite lumpy and she's really short so she can't pull of anything and.... OMG! What am I saying!? This is not me! Elise is sweet and caring and really shy. She has a great personality! I have no idea why I just bitched about her! I really need to get some sleep!

I walk into my room to see Joe already cold out on my bed. I giggle as he snuggles into my pillow, kissing it, saying, "I love you, Mishy." Wait WHAT!? Mishy?! He calls me Dessy! Maybe I miss heard him... Damn, jinxed it. He says her name again, "Mishy, I don't want to leave, believe me, I'm so sorry. I love you." I stopped listening. What in the hell?! I trust Joe so I guess it's just a weird dream of.... his celeb crush or something?! I don't know. I'll just leave it for now, I'll ask him tomorrow.

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