16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


8. No Control

Owen's P.O.V.

I was hurt just hearing Destiny's anger and pain and not being able to comfort her. It's true what they say, it's hard when the only person who can make you smile is the reason you're hurting.

When Joey started talking I couldn't control myself, I stayed hidden for a while but when he used my nickname for Destiny and she let him, I was mad, he started calling me a son-of-bitch, granted I was an asshole to her but he didn't have the right to say that. I was calming myself down, then he starts asking her to be his girlfriend, I couldn't take it. I tackled him to the floor, then I started beating the crap out of him, I couldn't stop, I was furious, my anger only increasing. Then suddenly, my fist meets a softer, less hairy face. I freeze. She jumped and took my worst punch, to save him. Was she crazy? I got even more mad. "MOVE! NOW!!" She whimpered but didn't back down. "No. Owen, back off. You hurt me, in many ways. You're not hurting the guy I love too." That was the final straw. I slapped her, I didn't even know why, "Destiny, you're mine. You love me!" She looked up with pure fury in her eyes, "Don't tell me I'm yours! You lost that right ages ago. I love who I want. I also hate who I want. You don't tell me who I love either. Face the facts, I love Joey and I hate you!" I broke, "But he told you that you love him...," I barely even whisper. Destiny calms down a little, " Yes he did. But he didn't order me around when he said it. He comforted me, made me feel special. While YOU were treating me like crap! Go away and leave me alone. FOR GOOD!!!!!"

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