16 Years A Slave... to His LOVE

Ever loved someone so much it hurt? Welcome to everyday of the past 4 years of my life. Me? I'm Destiny, a 16 year old girl, with WAY to much love for one guy. This? This is MY story.


6. Big Mistake

Owen's P.O.V.


So, after the phone call with Tammy, with Destiny saying she was being tortured 'cause she was hanging out with me, I decided to stop. Just stop everything. Stop feeling. Stop caring. Stop listening.

I thought messing with her would be fun, the way we messed around before. I ran up to her and tried to kick her head as she was sat on the stairs with one of my closest friends, who I might mention is in love with her, she was fast, she ducked and turned around, putting her arm up to block my next throw. She then kneed me in the gut. My Destiny, so scared she actually did that.

She's fast and freakishly strong, I know her enough to know that if she does that she fighting for her life, terrified out of her wits. I got so mad, at myself, I'd let it get to this point. What is wrong with me? I was so mad, I kicked her right in between her thighs, forgetting who it was for a second.

When I'd realized what I'd done I darted to apologize, she fell against the wall, she struggled to breathe, she looked like she was broken inside, she looked up at me with hurt, confused eyes. I ran. I hid watching her from the two sided glass in the library. She slid down the wall, tears streaming down her face, everyone ran to her, asking what was wrong and after everything I'd done to her she didn't even tell people it was me, not once.

Suddenly, she hunched over even further, she looked down and her sorrow turned to fear, I followed her eyes, where she sat there was a small pool of blood, she stood up too quickly nearly falling over. The blood trickled down her leg. I'd realized what had happened at the same time as her. I burst into tears just as she did. Neither of us moved for a few hours, she never even knew I was there.

Then her parents walked over, along with the principle, and saw the mess and poor Destiny in tears, they asked what was wrong and when she wouldn't speak, almost as if he couldn't, out of shock or something, she passed out.

The ambulance came 20 minutes later. I couldn't watch, I grabbed my bag and ran, she'd be fine tomorrow, she's Destiny, nothing ever keeps her down..... Does it?

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