The Secret Life [ A One Direction FanFiction]

Jessie, Beth, Juliet and Beryl are living with a secret life. They call themselves '4 DNA'. They have special powers ; Jessie with flame, Beth with ice, Juliet with invisibility and Beryl with nature. They go to school like any other normal student. They only have 5 guy friends in the school. The girls didn't know that the guys are in love with each of them.

Read to find out what will happen!


2. New Friends

Beth P.O.V

As Beryl pulled my wrist, we walk to the Principal Office. I'm still feeling shaky and frightened from what happened a few minutes ago. What the heck is wrong with that guy?! Like seriously!

As we finally reached in front of the Principal Office, I felt a little better. Beryl began to knock on the door and we heard someone from inside saying 'Come In'. Beryl opened the door and revealed a lady with beautiful red hair. 

"Good Morning ladies! You all must be the new girls.." she said and we all nodded.

"I'm Miss Ariana, have a seat!" she added. I find her really friendly though.

"Well, Miss Ariana, we're here to get our..urm.. scheduled for the term..." Beryl said and added "I'm sorry.. I'm Beryl, this is Jessie, Juliet and Beth.." she said pointing to each one of us. 

"Nice to meet you ladies! Here's your schedules and I hope you ladies will have a wonderful time in Doncaster High School! Enjoy your day lovelies!" Miss Ariana said. 

"You too, Miss Ariana!" we all said in unison and waved at her. 

Beryl P.O.V

Once we left the Principal Office, we walk together to our class. Hopefully everything will go well. 

"You guys ready for this?" I asked as we are approaching our classroom.

"I guess.." Juliet said not really sounding sure.

"Mhmm.." Beth and Jessie said in unison.

"Alright! Here we are.." I said and knock on the door.

All the students in the class turn their attention to us. We all walked into the classroom as the teacher assured as. We stand in one line in front of the class and all eyes were on us. 

"Alright ladies, I'm Mr Callum! You can now introduce yourself.. Name and hobby.." the teacher said. Seriously do you even have to tell your hobby for god sake.

Jessie started to say her name and hobby first.

"Hi..I'm Jessie and I love singing.." she said sounding a little nervous as I can tell. Next was Beth.

"Hello, I'm Beth and I love dancing.." 

"Hello I'm Juliet and I love break dancing.." wait, hold up there. Since when did Juliet said she love break dancing? She didn't tell any of us!

"And I'm Beryl and I love both singing and dancing.." I said trying to be as confident as I can.

"Alright, Welcome to your new class and you 4 can take the seats in between the guys at the back row of the class.." Mr Callum said. Seriously in between those guys.

As we walk down the row to our seat, people started saying their name to us and asked if they could hang with us but we only reply to those who seem nice.

 I see Beth took her seat in between a guy who looks like David Beckham and a blonde hair guy. Jessie sitting in between the blonde hair guy and a curly hair guy. Juliet in between the curly hair guy and a black quiff hair guy. Since there was one seat left which was between the black quiff hair guy and a brown quiff hair guy I had no choice but to sit here.

I pulled out the chair and sat down and took out the necessary stuff. I look towards my right and saw all the guys introducing themselves to my friends. Seriously, all I can see are all my friends giggling after they introduce themselves. Don't tell me they all like each other. 

 I decided to pay attention and not to care what is going on. I was basically paying attention to Mr Callum and dropping down notes until the guy with a brown quiff hair guy distract me.

"Hey, I'm Louis! You must be Beryl, the girl this morning who punched the guy.." he said and I turned to face him.

"Yeah whatever" I say not really caring.

"Wow!" he said shocked by my reply.

"Do your own work!" I said and I was hoping the bell would ring as soon as possible.

~15 minutes later~

Finally the bell rang, I quickly packed my stuff and decided to wait for the girls outside since they are busy with their 'soon-to-be-boyfriend'. Fuck this shits!

I saw Louis coming out alone, well yeah because his other friends are totally in a deep conversations with their 'soon-to-be-girlfriends'.

"Hey.." he said.

"Hey.." I say since I don't have any friends to talk with so I decided I should just talk with him.

"Looks like our friends are really liking each other.." he said and began to laugh.

"Yeah.." I replied and join the laugh. Alright this is awkward.

"Urmm.. can I have your number?" he asked.

"Woah there.. I'm just talking to you right now because my friends are busy with your friends and I don't even know you except for your name!" I yelled loud enough for him to hear.

"Alright sorry.." he said and walking away. What the heck is with this guy!

After 20 minutes of waiting for my friends, they finally came out with Louis' friends and waved them goodbye. They literally smile dreamily and look like the are in their Cloud 9 world. Alright this is really disturbing me!

"Omg! Zayn asked me out!" Juliet said.

"Omg!! Harry asked me out too!" Jessie said. Please not Beth too.

"Me too! I'm going out with Niall!" Beth said, I spoke too soon.

"Girls! You've only known them an hour ago and now you all are falling for them?!" I yelled and they stopped smiling and snapped out from their Cloud 9 world.

"Look Beryl, give us a chance!" Juliet said.

"You know what fine whatever! Go on your fucking dates!" I yelled.

"Beryl you know you should give the..urmm." Beth said and I cut her off.

"Louis.." as I know who she was talking about.

"Yeah should give him a chance to be your 'boyfriend'" she said.

"What?! No! I had enough of this bullshits already! Bye!" I said and walk away trying to find a place to clear my thoughts.

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