The Secret Life [ A One Direction FanFiction]

Jessie, Beth, Juliet and Beryl are living with a secret life. They call themselves '4 DNA'. They have special powers ; Jessie with flame, Beth with ice, Juliet with invisibility and Beryl with nature. They go to school like any other normal student. They only have 5 guy friends in the school. The girls didn't know that the guys are in love with each of them.

Read to find out what will happen!


5. Dates Here and There [Part 2]

Louis P.O.V

I've texted Beryl a few minutes ago that I'm on my way to her house. You guys must be confuse why do I have her number when clearly she refused to give it to me right. Well I asked one of her friends, Juliet, I think to give me her number and she did. There ya go not so confusing now right. 

I'm really hoping that tonight everything will go smoothly, no arguments, no distraction and also no interference. I really wanna know Beryl better and I hope we can be more that friends. You guys don't know how much I had fallen for her. I know its too early to be falling for someone but she's just different. Its like there's a gravity between the both of us pulling me closer to her each time. 

Crazy I know but that's the thing that keeps, family, friends and couples together right?

Beryl P.O.V

 I was putting the stuff I needed for emergencies in my purse when suddenly my phone's ringtone blasted signaling me someone texted me. I walk over to the table I left my phone on and check the message.

From: Unknown:

Hey I'm on my way to pick ya up! Text me your address..

Who the heck is this? I thought but replied the unknown number.

To: Unknown

Who are you? 

Without me getting the second to lock my phone the unknown number replied me.

From: Unknown

Babe its me Louis.. I'll tell ya later how I got your number..text me your address already.

Oh its just Louis. I thought it was some kind of weirdo or bad man trying to get me or something. 

I texted Louis my address and saved his number so that I know that its him. 

From: Louis 

Babe, I'm outside already. 

I got up from my couch said my goodbyes to my mum as she's the only one in the house while the other girls are on their date with you know who and my dad, well let's just say he has some business to solve.

I took a last look at myself and brush my dress a little and I went on to put my black ankle boots. As I walk to the door I felt much more nervous than ever. Why oh why so I have to be nervous? Its just Louis..seriously.

I grab the door knob and went down a few steps on the porch and close the door. I turn around to see Louis standing in front of his black Range Rover. I gave him a small smile and he return it. Beryl don't be shy, just be yourself! I said to myself.

"Hey..You look beautiful.." Louis compliments.

"Hey..Thanks..You look great yourself!" I said checking him out. He was wearing a white plain shirt with a black blazer outside with a matching pants. Damn he looks hot with his hair push back. Beryl stop drooling over him. My subconscious said, I wish I could just put a tape on you!

" ready?" Louis voice snapped me out of my argument with my subconscious.

"Uh..yeah" I said and Louis open the passenger door for me to enter. I gave him a small smile as he closes the door and jog around the car to his side. He slides into the seat and close the door and began to start the engine. 

The car ride to I don't where Louis is taking me was silent and kind off awkward but at the same time great for me as I don't have to talk about my life to him..yet. Its only the start of this date and I already want to go home.

Zayn P.O.V

Juliet look beautiful than ever. We're watching a movie in the movie theater, we took the back seat as she is very scared to sit in the front. I know that you guys already know we're watching a horror movie. The movie is called, Zombie Night. 

Well, if I had known that Juliet is this afraid to watch this movie I would have never brought her here. I even asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else but she denies and wants to stay here and watch the movie. Damn, this girl knows how to scare herself for sure. 

As we watched the movie, I glace at her a few times. She was so focus on the movie that when the scariest part came, she had to hug my arm tightly and hid her face on my arm. I smile at her when she caught me staring at her and she gave me a shy smile. Ngaww. 

Cliffhanger! I know what a spoiler am i right. Hahaha! 

Please don't hate me because of this! I'm stopping here for the moment because it seems too long for you guys to read. So imma do a Part 3 to this chapter! So stay tune mah lovelies!

So Beryl was totally checking Louis out. You guys didn't see that come right! Damn, I know they would be a perfect couple one day! Just that its not sooner. :(

Alright, do comment your feelings, opinions and thoughts ayye. I don't bite. Hehehe!


Alright, I should not fangirl right now! :p

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