The Secret Life [ A One Direction FanFiction]

Jessie, Beth, Juliet and Beryl are living with a secret life. They call themselves '4 DNA'. They have special powers ; Jessie with flame, Beth with ice, Juliet with invisibility and Beryl with nature. They go to school like any other normal student. They only have 5 guy friends in the school. The girls didn't know that the guys are in love with each of them.

Read to find out what will happen!


4. Dates Here and There [Part 1]

Louis P.O.V

The boys had decided to take the girls out in a date. Zayn with Juliet, Niall with Beth, Harry with Jessie and for Liam he found a girl named Jane and I'm going to be with Beryl. I guess. Well all the boys had asked them out on a date, all of them except me. 

I've been walking around searching for Beryl but she is nowhere to be seen. Great now how am I suppose to asked her out. This is stupid, I don't think she wants to go out with me anyway. As I was about to give up,  heard a familiar voice in the music room.

You got holes in you jeans,

And a few in your heart,

You don't know what it means to me ,

To watch you fall apart.


Cause you're broken and bruised,

But I will hold you close,

I'll take you in my arms tonight,

Just me and you..


I slowly entered the music room and I was surprised to see Beryl singing while playing the guitar. I quietly sit down on the chair that was near me and kept on listening to her. She hasn't notice me since her back is facing me.


Baby in a heart beat,

I take you with me, I just want to get to know ya,

You're throwing me off beat so I can't breathe,

I just want to get to show ya,

If we're falling apart I will fight for your heart,

I can be your shield, I;ll fight on the field,

Baby when our lives gets colder,

I'll be your soldier, Na na na na na,

I'll be your soldier..


After she sang the last chorus, I immediately clap my hands and she turned around obviously shocked to see that I'm here.

"What are you doing here?" she asked nervously while putting the guitar back on the stand.

"Well, I was walking around when I heard you singing..You have a love voice Beryl.." I said and she gave me a small smile.

"Thanks..Is there anything else because I got to go now.." she said walking towards the door. Great she's avoiding me..again. Like she always does.

I quickly grab her hand and she looked at me confused.


"Go on.." 

"I wanna take you out for dinner tonight.." I said and I felt a slight weight being lifted from my shoulders.

"Oh..Yeah sure.." she said and I was in surprise. Is she serious?!

"Alrighty then..I picked you up at 7?"

"Yeah 7 sounds good.."

"See ya!" I gave her a wave and she walks out the door. I can't believe she's going out with me. 

Beryl P.O.V

I can't believe I agreed to go on a date with Louis. Woah. What the heck is wrong with me? Well maybe I should give him a chance. Yeah I should. I just hope my instinct won't make me act like a brat later. I should get home now and decide on what to wear.

~Skip to At Home~

Once I reached home, I look at the clock and it was 5 pm already. I quickly went up to me room and took a shower. I do the usuals and once I step out of the bathroom, I went to my closet and find something to wear. 

I've been searching for what to wear for about 20 minutes now. Seriously, I really need to get rid of my old clothes and go shopping for a new one. Urghh. 

I continue on my mission of finding what to wear and finally I found something that caught my eye. I quickly put it on and went to look in the mirror. It is a pink sleeves dress which stops at my mid thigh and is tight on top and loose at the bottom. Its perfect. 

Wait, I don't even know why I'm dressing up to look pretty. Its just Louis the Tommo Tomlinson from my Science class. Oh well, whatever. 

I put on light makeup and put my wavy hair in a high ponytail. To finish the look, I tied a pink and white striped ribbon on my hair. Hopefully, the day goes by fast.

 Waddup! Hope you lovely people are doing well! 

Alright this is just the first part of 'Dates Here And There'! There will be more interesting stuff in this book so do look forward to it ayye! 

Oh and I hope you guys like this chapter! 

So Louis is having a crush on Beryl but do you guys think he will get her? 

Will Beryl fall for Louis soon? 

Comment your thoughts down below!

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