The Secret Life [ A One Direction FanFiction]

Jessie, Beth, Juliet and Beryl are living with a secret life. They call themselves '4 DNA'. They have special powers ; Jessie with flame, Beth with ice, Juliet with invisibility and Beryl with nature. They go to school like any other normal student. They only have 5 guy friends in the school. The girls didn't know that the guys are in love with each of them.

Read to find out what will happen!


6. Authors Note

Waddup mah lovelies! 

Alright i needa stop acting like I didn't do something wrong. Okay I'm really sorry for not updating for the past few weeks. I've been really busy lately with homeworks, housechores and blah blah blah stuffs. Really hope you guys will understand me. 


I promise to update when I have the time, and that might be a while. So yeah.


Also, I would love you guys to comment down below your thoughts, opinions and ideas for upcoming chapters. If I like your idea, I will dedicate upcoming chapters to you guys! And maybe you guys get to be in the chapter as any characters you guys like [ but you needa give a brief information about yourself e.g : hair color, eye color, what name you would like and what type of outfit you usually wear and stuff.] 


So yeah, hopefully you guys will comment down below ayye! I don't bite :)


I guess that's it for now and I will see you guys in the next chapter! 


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