The Secret Life [ A One Direction FanFiction]

Jessie, Beth, Juliet and Beryl are living with a secret life. They call themselves '4 DNA'. They have special powers ; Jessie with flame, Beth with ice, Juliet with invisibility and Beryl with nature. They go to school like any other normal student. They only have 5 guy friends in the school. The girls didn't know that the guys are in love with each of them.

Read to find out what will happen!


3. Am I In Love..?

Louis P.O.V

As I walk down the hallways with my mates, I think about some stuff. All I've been thinking about is Beryl. She's different, like I mean really different even different from her own friends. I just can't stop thinking about her, there's just something about her that I'm attracted to I guess.

I swear the moment Beryl walked into the class, my eyes won't stop looking at her. She's beautiful and perfect, she has that sweetest smile like an angel but when the moment I spoke to her I can see that she's the feisty type. But I don't care about that because I think I'm in love with her.

I felt someone punching my arm and it just snapped me out of my thoughts. I turn around to see that Zayn was half smirking and half worried about me, I guess.

"Dude, you've been quiet from just now! Is everything okay?" Zayn asked.

"Well..I guess.." I lied.

"Don't lie Louis, I've never seen you lost in your thoughts that long before..There must be something.." he said trying to convience me to spill out the secrets.

"Alright, I think I'm in love with Beryl..but I don't think I have the chance to be with her.." I spilled the truth out and the other boys stop their conversation and turn their direction to me.

"Louis, I know you'll have that chance..Maybe she needs some time.." Liam said, well that make me smile a little.

"Yeah Lou, she needs time to get to know you better.. I'm sure one day you'll be together with her!" Harry said and pulled into a hug.

"Harold, you're squashing mine organs.." I said and the others crack up and Harry pull away from the hug.

"Sorry Louis.." he said.

"Nah, its okay.." I replied.

"Well let's get to Art class.." Zayn said and we walked to our classroom.

Hello!! Hope you like this chapter and I'm really sorry that its a short one! Well, see you all in the next chapter ayye!! I LOVE CHU GUYS! XOXO!

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