Jake finds himself tied to a bed after collapsing on a night out.
A young girl with a mental illness, and a huge crush on him, keeps the boy in her bedroom with no escape.
She's a sweet innocent girl, until she kills to keep him all to herself.


2. Trapped

Allie stayed by the bed where Jake stayed, tied by his hands and feet once again.

She heard the sound of footstep up the stairs, "What is it?" He asked. She stuffed a sock in his mouth and held a finger up to her lips, "Shhh." He watched as the door closed behind her, muffling.

Her father walked up the hall to her bedroom, where she stood at the door, "Allie, what were you doing up here?"

She smiled innocently, "Nothing, daddy." She hugged, "I... missed you."

He hugged back, "I missed you too. I'm going to make us some dinner, ok?" She looked at him and smiled, "Ok."

He kissed her head and went back down stairs. She turned the knob from behind and backed inside the bedroom, closing the door quietly.

She pulled the sock back out of his mouth, "What are you doing-?!" She hushed him down, "Shhh..."

He swallowed, "No. No I will not!" She forced the sock back in his mouth. He muffled angrily, stressing. He rattled his arms and legs on the bed. She tried to speak, "Sss... stop!"

Her father's voice called up, "Allie, is everything ok up there!?" She looked over to the door and called back, "Yes!"

She looked back to him, "I... I will remove the sock now. No... more yelling, ok?" She pulls it out.

He cried out, "Help!" She shoved it back in before he could say anymore.

"Allie?!" Her father called again, "Yes, daddy?!"

"Is someone in there with you?!"

"No, daddy, just a movie! I'll... turn it down!"

She looked back to him, "No more... yelling."

All through, he remained silent. She lied on the bed, snuggled up with her head on his chest.

He looked down at her, curled up with her arm around him. There is something about her. From what he sees as she slept so sweetly, is that she doesn't mean any harm. She isn't bad. It's just that she doesn't understand.

He sighed, and rested his head back, closing his eyes.

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