Jake finds himself tied to a bed after collapsing on a night out.
A young girl with a mental illness, and a huge crush on him, keeps the boy in her bedroom with no escape.
She's a sweet innocent girl, until she kills to keep him all to herself.


1. Kidnapped

Jake sat and ordered a drink. A small glass of whiskey and no ice was the thing.

A young girl sat up next to him. She asked for a small glass of coke. Looking to him, she smiled, "I don't... drink."

He looked away and continued to sip his. When she was given hers, he got distracted for a second. She poured something from little a tube into his drink once his head was turned.

Continuing to drink until he finally got drowsy.

Waking slowly with blurry vision coming clearer, he found himself in a dim-lit bedroom.

It wasn't his own, it was far too girly. There's pink everywhere. It's like being in a little girl's room with all the stuffed toys lined up on the chest of drawers.

He looked down at his feet, and then up at his wrists; he was tied to the bed.

Tugging at the rope, he tried to set himself free. The knots were too tight.

He kept trying, harder this time. It wouldn't do a thing.

Footsteps echoed. He began to panic. With every tug at the rope, it wasn't coming loose. He tried to move his feet; no good either.

The door opened. She walked in with a tray of food and sat it beside the bed. He pretended to be asleep.

She doubled checked the knots to see if they were tight enough.

He peeked with one eye at what she's doing when she looked away at the food. He watched her cut up the chicken, "I see... you're awake." She finally said.

He breathed, "Why am I here?"

She put a bit of chicken on a fork and held it up to his mouth, "I'm not hungry."

She pinched his thigh, "Ow!" She held the fork back to his mouth. He sighed, "Fine, I'll eat it." His mouth opened for her. She continued to feed him more until it was all done.

She smiled a little. He asked again, "Why am I here?"

Her hand reached for the glass of orange juice and stuck in a straw, "I... like you." she looked down shyly as she blushed.

He tilted his head puzzled, "You like me?"

She nodded, scraping her nail on the straw. He looked down at the juice, "What is your name?"

She tries to speak, "My... name is Allie, and... you're Jake."

He looked back up at her, "Ok, Allie, mind if you untie me? I gotta go to the bathroom."

She shook her head.

"Why not?"

"You'll run away."

He sighed, "I won't, promise. Besides, you don't want me to go right here on this pretty bed of yours."

She bit her lower lip, thinking. He felt the knots come loose as she untied his hands and feet.

He sat up, "Thank you."

She looked up at him when he got to his feet, "I go with you, so... you won't run anywhere."

"Fair enough."

He left into the bathroom where she guarded the door. He looked around the room looking for a way out. Looking up at the small window, he wasn't able to escape.

cursing under his breath, he flushed the toilet, and stepped out where she stood in front of the door.

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