Jake finds himself tied to a bed after collapsing on a night out.
A young girl with a mental illness, and a huge crush on him, keeps the boy in her bedroom with no escape.
She's a sweet innocent girl, until she kills to keep him all to herself.


3. Crazy

A ringtone came from Jake's pocket. It woke Allie up.

She pulled his phone out, and looked. Pulling the sock out of his mouth, she asked, "Who's... Jessica?"

He looked down at the phone in her hand, "She's uh... a friend."

She tapped the answer button the phone. Jessica's voice cried, "Jake, are you there!?"

Allie answered, "No... this isn't Jake."

"Ok. This is his girlfriend. Is he there?"


"Is he alright? I've been so worried! He didn't come home last night."

"He's... a bit tied up right now."

Jessica asked again, "A bit tied up?"

"Sorry..." she hung up the phone, and put it on the end table beside the bed, "You could've just let me talk to her." He said. She shook her head, "No... you'll tell her."

He sighed, "You could at least trust me." She shook her head again, "You tried calling for help." He moved a little in his wrists, "Look, Jessica will send people out to find me, and you could get locked up in jail for... well this."

Her nails scratched the table as she muttered, "Jessica is your... girlfriend." He looked at her closely, "What?"

She stood up and held her head, "You lied!" Her fingers pulled at the roots of her hair, "Liar! Liar! Liar!" She stomped her feet and cried.

He was about to ask her to stop, until she left out the room and shut the door.

She hurried down the stairs to the garage where her car was, and drove down the road.

After a while, Jake tried tugging at the ropes again, "Come on." He looked around for something. But there's no way to be able to cut loose or anything. He groaned.

A car parked in the driveway to the garage; she was back.

He heard her come up the stairs with every thud like she's carrying something.

The door opened, and she came pulling in a body into the middle of the room. He looked down and saw, "Jessica?"

Allie closed the door shut and pulled her up on a chair where she tied her up.

He watched as her hands and feet were bound, "What are you doing!?"

She looked to him, "Tying Jessica to the chair." He got frustrated, "No, you can't do that, let her go!"

Jessica's head moved, "Jake..?" Her eyes began to open as Allie turned away to the table, "Where... where are we?"

Allie opened the drawer and took out a lot he knife. He looked down at the blade, "No... no, no, no!" He struggled.

She walked up to Jessica, "She won't be able to scream. She may... hardly feel a thing."

Jessica looked up at the girl before her, still drowsy from the drug.

Jake kept struggling as hard as he could, "Stop, put down the knife! Allie, please!"

She held it tightly in one hand. He yelled for her to stop, over and over, but she blocked him out.

As Jessica's eyes closed from drowsiness, the knife came down on her chest. Her body flinched with her last breath.

She pulled the knife back out. Blood dripped from the blade, and then she wiped it off with a cloth.

He cried, and looked away. There is something wrong with her, how could she have killed an innocent over him?

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