Jake finds himself tied to a bed after collapsing on a night out.
A young girl with a mental illness, and a huge crush on him, keeps the boy in her bedroom with no escape.
She's a sweet innocent girl, until she kills to keep him all to herself.


4. Coming to the Party

Jake couldn't get over what she's done. Jessica's gone, and he's stuck tied to the bed, but for how long?

Allie placed the knife on the table, and sat. He continued crying, "Just kill me, please, just kill me..."

She looked with sadness on her face, "I... can't." He turned his head, "Why not? It was so simple for you to just stab her in the chest!"

Her hands held his head, "I want you to... be mine." She looked down, "You will like me. You will..."

Her hands moved away as she sat back on the chair. He doesn't want to be hers, she's insane! From what she just did, there is no way he is going to ever be with a crazy jealous girl.

As the days went, he never over what she's done.

During the afternoon, his eyes rested a while. Allie pulled on a pink silk dress with a flared skirt. His eyes opened when he heard the sound of zipping.

She brushed her hair and clipped on a necklace. He looked up at her, she turned to him, "What do you think?"

"Are you going somewhere?"

"Yes... it's my birth...day party. Want to come!?" She asked excitedly, jumping a little.

He shook his head slightly, "I think I'll pass."

Walking up, she crossed her arms, "N...no! You are coming."

As she untied the ropes on his wrists and feet, he thought just then that this is a good opportunity to escape from her this time.

He sat up on the bed, feeling the looseness in his wrists. She pulled up a box and opened it, "This is for you."

He looked inside, it was a dark blue suit, "You want me to wear this at your party?"

She nodded, "Uh-huh." He pulled out the top and bottom, lying them onto the bed. Looking to her, he asked, "Do you mind, I mean... So I can get dressed without you watching me?"

She stepped back, "I'll look away." Before he turned back to the suit, he made sure she turned around.

He changed from his regular clothes he's been wearing for days, into this very nice, fancy suit she bought for him.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and then turned back around, "How do I look?" He pulled down his coat. She smiled, "H-handsome." He smiled back, "You really think so?" She nodded.

He sighed, "So where is this party?" She took him by the hand, "I'll show you."

She guided him down the stairs, to the garage. He sat in the front seat of the car with her, "Very nice car." She smiled, "Thank you."

They drove into town. He looked out the window, and then looked back to her, "When is this going to be over, are you just going to keep me tied up to your bed forever?"

She turned the wheel, "You're not tied up now."

"Yeah, I know. But when we get back, you're just going to tie me up there again."

She looked to him for a second and looked back at the road, "It depends."

"On what?"

"If you'll... accept me, stay with me, and not against your will."

He nodded, "Ok, then I accept you." She smiled, "It... doesn't work like that."

"Then how does it work?"

"You'll know."

She pulled up into the car park. He looked out the window, "Are we here?" She looked behind to carefully park, "Yes."

He unbuckled his seatbelt and went to open the door, which was locked. He turned to her with a serious look on his face, "Alright, unlock it."

She looked to him, "No, not yet." When she looked down, he saw the look on her face, "Hey, are you nervous?" He asked softly. She nodded.

Allie isn't all crazy, she has the same emotions and fears, she is just as human as he is.

He held her close in a hug, "Hey, it'll be ok. Everyone gets nervous."

She breathed calmly, "Ok." He pulled back, "Are you ready to go in there?" She nodded, "Yeah... I am."

Unlocking the door, he finally got out and breathed on the fresh air. She shut the door and locked the car, "Ok." He turned and he walked with her. Her arm linked into his as they entered the club.

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