Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


23. Pregnant

I woke up with a headache. After what me and justin did last night I was sore. I couldn't move. I slowly slid out of bed and went to brush my teeth. I did my naturally routine and I went back and kissed justin. I went downstairs and made breakfast for Justin and I. Just then I felt big hands on my waist and soft plump lips kiss my neck. 

J- Morning baby. 

K- Morning Bae. I turned my body around and kissed him. He pushed me further onto the counter but I stopped him. 

K- Do you want burnt breakfast or sex. He winked at me. 

K- Go sit. I handed the plate to Justin and sat down with him. I took one bite and instantly had to throw up. I out my fork down and rushed to the bathroom. After I threw up I went back to justin to see him standing there with hurt in his eyes. 

K- What? 

J- I hurt you. 

K- No you didn't. 

J- yes yes I did I see the way you run and walk. I hurt you. He put his head down. 

K- You didn't hurt me. It was great.  I loved it. He turned and smiled. 

K- Ill be in the bathroom. I grabbed the pregnancy test and did what I had it do. After a few minutes of waiting it came out...............POSITIVE ! My heart was racing. I'm only nineteen. What will justin do? I walked out and had tears in my eyes. 

J- What happened Baby? 

K- I showed him the test and he fake smiled. I can tell. 

J- we'll  get through this together. Im gonna be a father. He whispered softly into my neck. In mat believe I'm gonna be a mother 

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