Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


30. Marry me ? Last chapter Pt. 1

Jordan has been home for a week and he is one funny boy. He's always laughing and playing. Justin has been a great dad. He even wrote a song that he will release soon. We have the best family. 


Justin Jordan and I were at IHOP eating food while Jordan was drinking milk. 

J- Baby? 

K- Yes

J- Tonight I have a special date planned and I want you to dress in a dress. 

K- I- I don't know. What about JJ. JJ is his nickname since Jordan James is his name. 

J- I asked my mom to watch him. He'll be fine trust me. I hesitated my answer but then nodded my head. 

--------------------4 hrs later 

I was getting ready for my date with Justin when there was a knock at the door. I rushed down the stairs being careful not to wake JJ up. I opened the door and there stood pattie. 

P- He Kim. 

K- Hey mom. I kissed her cheek and she walked in. 

P- Where's the baby ? 

K- He's sleeping I'll go get everything ready for you. She nodded her head. I walked upstairs and found Jordan awake in his crib. I pulled him out. 

K- Hi baby boy. I kissed his forehead and layed him on the bed. I changed his shirt into a Mickey Mouse one and out on his sweats and his Jordan's I put on his little hat to keep him warm. I placed him in the crib and packed diapers and a pair of pjs just in case he sleeps there. I packed wipes. I grabbed JJ and the bag and walked downstairs and handed him to pattie. I walked I to the kitchen and got the milk I made earlier out of the fridge and placed it in the microwave. I put the 2 bottles of milk in the bag and walked over to pattie. 

K- Ok so if he falls asleep there's pjs in there and he doesn't drink powdered milk so here are to bottles I made cuz he's probably hungry. I packed diapers and wipes Just in case. Please be safe with my baby, I'm so scared. 

P- Don't worry honey I was a young mother too I understand. I grabbed Jordan and held him in my arms. 

K- You be good for grandma. I kissed his forehead and tried to hand him to pattie but he grabbed my shirt and started crying. 

P- Looks like he's mommies boy. I smiled and stuck the bottle in his mouth and handed him to pattie. She grabbed the car seat and left. I went upstairs and finished getting ready. 


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