Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


5. Kiss me

I woke up and I was still in Justin's arms. I felt so good. I knew I was that lucky girl. I looked up at Justin and he was sleeping like an angel. He lips were perfectly plump and his hair was all ruffled. I got out of his arms and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put on my robe and walked out of the room. I made breakfast for Justin and I since the crew went out. I heard justin coming out of the room. 

Justin- Morning princess. 

Kimberly- Morning my prince. He grabbed my hips and kissed my cheek. 

Justin- Why do you keep making breakfast for me ? 

Kimberly- Because you are justin bieber. 

Justin- Well dump it. I'm taking you out. You are my girlfriend now I should do everything for you. I nodded and said fine. I walked in the room and changed I put on a black v- neck and red pants, fire red 5s and my Minnie and Mickey Mouse hoodie. I walked out of the room and saw justin already ready to go. He had the same outfit on. Black v-neck fire red 5s and a Mickey Mouse hoodie he had on a bulls snap back and I had on a bulls Beanie. 

Justin- oh so were that couple now. He winked at me and I blushed. 

Kimberly- I guess so. He took my hand and led me out the bus. We got in his car and he drove to a really nice diner. We sat down and order our breakfast. Nobody even cared that it was justin bieber. After we ate we walked around and went to the lake. We just sat on a bench and talked. 

Justin- So now that you are mine finally. I wanna know more about you. 

Kimberly - ok well I'm Puerto Rican. I'm 18. My birthday is on the first just like yours and I only live with my abusive brother since my parents died 2 years ago. I started to tear up and Justin hugged me. I just put my head down. 

Justin- I'm sorry. Don't cry. I'm here and I promise you are not going back with your abusive brother I can tell you that much. I just kept my head down and justin lifted my chin. 

Justin- Hey look at me, I want you to know that I care about you and I don't want you to be hurt. Kimberly, I love you. 

Kimberly - What ? 

Justin- I love you. We haven't even known each other for a week and he said he loves me. 

Kimberly- I love you too. 

Justin- Good. Now kiss me. I kissed him and he pulled me closer by my waist we heard a flash go off and we ran to his car

Justin- I'm so sorry....

*thank you guys so much for reading. Please add this to ur favorites and please become a fan. What will Kimberly do? Will she leave him? Or will she still no matter what papperazzi take pics ? Stay tuned 

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