Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


15. I'm done

I woke up with Justin's arms around me. I turned around and kissed his lips. He kissed back with more passion. I got up and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Today justin was leaving for rehearsal. I cooked breakfast and heard justin coming downstairs. 

Justin- Morning baby.

Kim- Moring babe. 

I kissed his lips and we ate breakfast. After we finished I got ready and so did justin. We got in his car and drove off to a dance studio. We walked in and Selena was there, justin squeezed my hand making sure I wasn't gonna run off. Justin. Started to dance and looked really hot. Selena went up to him and kissed his cheek. He looked back at me and mouth stay. After he finished he went to a dressing room. I stood outside talking to Ryan and Chaz. I walked into the room and found Selena pushing justin against the wall and kissing him. I dropped my bags and left. I went to the house and packed most of my things I called Kenny and told him to call Justin's jet to fly me home. When I finished packing I heard justin dun through the door. 

Justin- Baby please don't leave. 

Kim- You hurt me again justin. Twice. I should've known. I actually thought you cared justin. I'm done being with you. Go be with Selena. 

Justin- Baby she pushed me against the wall. I'm so sorry. He started to. Cry and ran his fingers through his hair. 

Justin- Baby please stay. I nodded my head no and got in the car with Kenny and drove to Justin's jet. I guess this is goodbye. 

* Oohhh what will Justin do? Will he follow her back home? Will he give up? Next chapter involves Justin and a plane ticket. Just gave you a hint. 

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