Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


24. I month later ) Perfume and Krystal

It's been a month since I've told justin I was pregnant and he's been acting weird. He comes home smelling like perfume. He doesn't kiss me like he used to and he doesn't really cuddle me. I always try to think of why he would smell like perfume or come home late. But know I've run out of excuses. I've come to the conclusion that he might be cheating. 

J- Baby come here for a second. I rushed to the room to see justin trying to put a tie on. 

K- Why so fancy? 

J- I'm going to a photoshoot. I helped him with his tie and he pulled me too him and kissed me. I missed those lips. He bent down and kissed my little baby bump. He stood up and kissed me one more time and left the house. 

Justin POV 

I kissed Kimberly's lips and the baby and it felt like the first day I kissed her. Sparks. I barely kiss her or even lay with her. I'm cheating, it's hurt me cheating on my princess but we don't have sex anymore since she's pregnant. I needed someone to pleasure me. So that's when I met Krystal. I don't love her or even like her I just needed a fuck buddy. Once k gave birth I would stop cheating. 

(3 Hours later ) Kimberly's POV

Justin just came home and smelled like perfume and had lipstick on his collar. He came to kiss me but I moved my face.

J- why you won't kiss me. 

K- Sit down please. 

J- Why? I need to shower,

K- J I'm not stupid so sit. 

He looked worried and scared. Tears started streaming down my face. 

K- I'm not s-stupid J. I know you're cheating me. 

J- baby I - 

k- save it! You think I'm stupid. You could've at least been smart and took a shower at Krystal's house. 

K- how do you know her name. K- I've seen the messages. How could you hurt me. I thought you loved me. All the times I took you back I should've left along time ago. Why are you even with me if this is what you are gonna do . 

J-It's just cuz we don't have sex anymore. So I needed a fuck buddy. I can't go nine months without having your body against mine. I'm so sorry I love I don't want her I want you. Please for give me. Justin now had water in his eyes. I could tell he was sorry. 

J- Baby please please please I begging you to for give me please I wanna be yours and only yours I wanna marry you please. 

K- I need space. I walked away and went to the guest room. 

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