Love at first sight

Kimberly Isabel Cruz has always been a belieber. She gets a chance to met justin and what happens when she does? Justin starts to fall for her but does she feel the same? Read to find out.


26. Doctors appointment

I woke with Justin's arms wrapped around me. He had tear stains and ruffled hair. Today I had a doctors appointment to found out what the baby is. I already have a little baby bump. I went down stairs and made some breakfast for Justin and I. I heard justin coming down the stairs and wrap his hands around my waist. 

J- I'm sorry. 

K- Sure you are. 

I walked away from him and set a plate of pancakes on the table with bananas and syrup. 

K- We have an appointment today for the baby. 

J- We get to found out today right. 

K- Yea. I sat next to justin and we ate breakfast in complete silence. I started to cry but not loud enough so justin could hear me. After breakfast I went upstairs and got dressed. I put on Justin's big sweater and some sweats I put in red Jordan's and put my hair in a messy bun. We got in the car and I just stared out the window thinking bout justin and i relationship. I don't know what to do anymore. I let at ear roll down my cheek and justin looked at me. 

J- What's wrong. 

K- Sniffling) nothing. I wiped my eyes. And stares at the ground. 

J- I love you baby. 

K- I love y- I broke down right there, 

k- I'm sry justin but I can't do this. 

J- what do you mean. We parked the car and talked since we had 5 min to spare. 

K- I can't teach my boy or girl that it's  ok to cheat. When it's not. Just because you are Justin bieber doesn't mean you can. 

J- Baby it was a mistake I'm truly sorry. I nodded my head. We walked into the doctors and I sat down in the chair. I put the gel on my stomach. 

Dr. - Ok so the baby is healthy. And it's a boy. I looked at Justin and smile and he was smiling like a doofus. He hugged me. We got out of the office and drove home. 

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