Upside down

I'm Nicole. I'm a Juinor in Highschool. And I get what your thinking..why would you need to hear a story about a stupid junior in highschool. But it wasn't that normal. Because I met new people. Not everyday people. And a lot of crazy stuff happens in one year.

A lot of things that basically turned my life upside down.


1. Not 'that way'

I got home that day and ate cake for dinner. "How was your day?" my mother asked as I ate.

"Fine I guess...I got an A on a test" I said smiling. "That's great sweetie" she smiled.   Healed into my room and then did the homework and took a shower then feel asleep fast.   I woke up and got dressed and rushed outside. I got in the car and got to school.   I was late though. Although I tried I was late. I walked through the empty halls and into the office to get a late so I could hurry up and get to class. Andrew was in there. He smiled as he saw me walk in. "Hi" he whispered. "Hey" I said whispering back.   "Here you go Andrew" the lady said as she handed him a note. "Late?" she asked me. I nodded. She then wrote me a note and handed it to me.   I walked out and saw him waiting for me. "Both late huh?" he smiled cheekily. He still had his glasses on and his hair seemed darker.   "Yeah" I smiled.   "Nicloe?" he asked.   "Yeah?"   "You look pretty today" he smiled.   "Thanks Andrew you look lovely".   That got a good laugh from him. "Thank you ma' am" he smiled.   No problem sir" I laughed as we locked arms and walked through the hall way laughing.   "Ooo this is my stop" I said.   "No don't go" he said dramatically playing around holding my hand now.   "But I must"   "No you mustn't me lady" he smiled.   "Oh Prince Andrew I will miss you" I giggled and walked into class. Everyone stopped and watch me walk in awkwardly and give the teacher the note.   The bell finally rang. After four classes. lunch was here. "Hey" a boy said as he sat next to me.   "Hi..." I said not recognizing him.   "Um I'm Joey" he said blushing a bit.   "I'm Nicole" I said smiling and blushed a bit. His eyes were blue green and he had freakles and dimples. He wore blue and green braces.   We talked for a while, when Andrew showed up. "Hey Princess" he said smiling as he sat down.   "Hey" I laughed.    "Hey I'm Andrew" he said to Joey.   "Joey" he said.   We didn't really talk in a group. It was more like me and Joey or me and Andrew never them or all.   I stood up as they both looked up at me.   "I'll see you guys later" I smiled and walked away.   I turned and saw Andrew get up. Then Joey. They were both great guys. But I didn't feel 'that way' with either of them.            
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