The Painter |Niall Horan fanfiction|

My eyes well up with tears and I pull myself into a ball shape. Which isn't a very small one with my belly. I eventually get up, sticking two fingers down my throat, puking up my dinner.
Liam doesn't know, he doesn't know I'm starving myself for these reasons. He knows I'm fat, but he's to kind to say it.


2. Chapter 1

I walk into the front room, greeted by Liam immediately. He smiles.

"Morning Teagan." He smiles again.

"Morning." I say, grabbing an apple from the bowl and putting it in my empty lunch bag. "Are your friends coming over again or..." My voice trails off.

"Dunno, I'll call them." He says, walking into a different room.

I sigh before opening the door, and walking out in my usual school wear, sweats and a hoodie.

I always wear a hoodie, and sweats. It doesn't show my fat.

My bottom lip wobbles as I walk past the skinny girls and I hear them make disgusted noises, making no effort to hide them. I speed walk to my locker before putting in the code, grabbing my books and start my way to class.

That is until my arm gets pulled and I'm dragged into a different hall.

"What the hell?!" I whisper at Liams friend, the blonde one.

"Sorry, I uh wanted to talk.." He says, his face turning a bright red. I arch my eyebrow telling him to go on. "I wanted to know if the boys and I could come over for dinner tonight?" He asks, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Why are you asking me? You guys are Liam's friends," I mumble looking up at him, my cheeks red. "I don't care though."

He fist pumps the air, running back to the group of boys Liam is always with. I sigh as the bell rings, late.

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