The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


2. Chapter Two-Buying Sam's Car

Chapter 2

As we pull up to a run-down dealership, filled with old, beat-up cars, A clown was standing in the driveway, talking about, "sun's hot, makeup's melting, hurts my eyes." All in one breath. I had to hold in a laugh. We pull up, and get out of Ron's tiny car.
"No, you said half a car, not a half a piece of crap." I get bored and decide to walk around. A dark-skinned man came out of the building, and I turn my head away. I'm not shy, I just freak people out with my eyes sometimes. One is bright emerald green with purple specks, and the right is pure white. My sister's were-are deep sea blue, almost midnight with red specks, and her left was-is all black. I walk away, toward a line of cars, seeing a Camaro that looked just like the one we drove by. Dents, scrapes, faded paint, everything. I walk closer, open the door, and lean in. I swear the car leaned so I would fall in. I'm going crazy. Just probably lost my balance. I call Sam over as I sit up. "Sammy! Come here and look at this car." He runs over to get away from the two older men. "Sammy, if you don't get this car, I will. I don't care how much it costs, I'll get it."
He glares at me and pushes me over to the passenger side. The men walk over. "How much?"Sammy asks.
"Considering the semi-classic nature of the vehicle, with the slick wheels, and the custom paint job..."Sammy didn't let him finish.
"Yeah, but the paint's faded."
"Yeah, but it's custom."
"This is a well-built, 1976, F-built Camaro! This is a piece of ART!" I swear the car rose up higher in pride.
"Well, you're a girl, I wouldn't expect you to understand." I turn to him for the first time and glare. He almost falls on his butt in surprise and fear at my eyes. Sexist pig. "F-f..." He starts out in a high voice, but clears his throat, "five grand."
"No," Ron rejects, "I'm not payin' over four. Sorry."
"Kids, come on, get out the car."
"No, no, you said cars pick their drivers." I stop listening for a moment as I feel the car tense. I rub the seat affectionately, unconsciously calming it and myself down. I wanted to hurt this guy. Sam gets out, and I start to follow, but as soon as I get to the driver's side, the passenger door opens, slamming into the car next to it. The other car's horn beeps this really pathetic sound. I wonder what the Camaro's engine sounds like... I shake my head, as I get out. 
"I'm so sorry," Ron supplies. 
"No, no worries. Hey, hey Manny! Come get your cousin and some hammers and bang this out, baby!" Ew, creepy. 
"Greater than man," the radio says quietly. Just then it's alarm goes off and all the other cars' windows shatter. Everything is silent for a moment, as we all turn to look at the damage. 
"Four thousand," the dealer said, his voice breaking, as he put up four fingers. We get the car and drive to Sam's house, Ron in front of us the whole way.

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