The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


6. Chapter Six-Find the Glasses!

Chapter 6

We get out and Sammy is ranting to Mikaela. "All of them."
"Yeah, okay, okay."
"Do you hear what I'm saying?"
I lean over and watch Sam go to the house. Jazz drives up, and I say, "I think Sam just had a spaz attack..." He chuckles. Then I remember I hadn't fed Mayonaka lately. "Crap."
"What is it, Mary Sue?"
"I need to feed..." I hesitate, and sigh. "I haven't given my friend any food lately. She could be starving." Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a little, but...
"Don't she have creators?"
"Creators? Oh, parents. No, I've raised her since she was a baby. Her parents died."
"Would ya mind me drivin' ya to her to get her some food?"
"Huh? Oh, that'd be...great! You really don't mind?"
"'Course not. Get in and tell me where to go."
"Kay." He drives, me giving him directions. We get to the edge of the forest, and he stops. I ask, "do you wanna come with me? I mean you don't have to."
"I will if you'll let me, Mary." He chuckles.
"Okay. Let's go." We drive to my home, and he parks right outside. "I'll bring Mayonaka outside so you can meet her." Her name means midnight in Japanese because when I found her, she looked dark, like midnight. And I love Japanese. I bring 'naka out and lead her to Jazz's altform, and feed her. We introduce each other, and she runs back inside. I giggle. "She's not one for interaction with strangers."
"So, she's a wolf?"
"Mhm. Oh, we should probably get back." He opens the door so I can get in.


We drive back and he follows the rest of the Autobots out of the neighborhood after I get out. I shake my head. Why did he leave? I walk inside just in time to see men pouring out of vehicles, scanning things. I put on my dark sunglasses, turn and look behind me, to see one of them looking straight at me, and turned back around just in run into a wall head on. Ugh. I ignore the pain and walk to the living room. Judy turns to look at me and sees my forehead.
"Mary! You're bleeding!"
"What?" I put a hand up to my forehead, and pull it away. Yep. Bleeding. Ew... Ron answers the door, as all the blood rushes to my head, all I hear is the sound of fluids moving. I rip off a part of my black shirt and hold it to my forehead to stop the bleeding. I bet if I wasn't pale as my hair, quite literally, I'd probably be really, really pale. I can feel the blood leaving my head. One man walks up to me and says something. I look up at him quizzically. His voice fades back in.
"--ep forward." I do and he scans me, the scanner thingy making a perpetual beep. "Bingo! Bag 'em and tag 'em." They drag us all out, almost literally. I couldn't feel my legs. I'd lost the scrap I was using, so the blood was now flowing freely from my bruised forehead. I heard yelling, but I couldn't concentrate on it. I groan in pain as a step jars my body. We're driving down a road, and all I can see is the guy who scanned me talking crap to Sammy and 'Kaela. Mikaela is getting in his face and Sammy is too. Soon the scanner dude says something about the WPP. I tune in as much as I can, and hear, "--so she's been lying to you this whole time. Her name's not Mary Sue. It's--" I reach up and punch him in the face as hard as I can.
"That is my business," I growl. "Not yours." Then I start shaking, and am just barely able to calm down as I feel the car we're in screeching to a halt, then being lifted. Glass is breaking, people are yelling, chaos is happening. Then we fall. 

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