The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


17. Chapter Seventeen-Sammy Leaves College(Part One)

Chapter 17

"Yeah! Of course!" His face lights up as he kisses me again, me melting into his arms, never wanting to leave this spot, when two things happen. He gets a call from Optimus, and Ron and Judy come out, yelling that we're leaving. Ironhide smiled at me, kissed me again, quickly this time, and left. I rode home with Ron and Judy. 
I woke up the next morning to the sound of a car alarm. I look out the window and see 'Bee and Sammy. Sammy is in the front seat, talking to himself. "Hey, Bumblebee!" He chirps back happily. I climb in after putting on a Monster shirt and green yoga pants, with white converse. Then we take off


Soon, we arrive at a secluded cemetery, and Sam gets out. He starts yelling at Optimus, who is close to a few of the graves. I stay with 'Bee. "Don't worry, Bee. He's just being a jerk, like always." He whistles quietly.
I look at some trees on the distance, and suddenly feel a sharp pain reverberate through my body from my temples to the base of my spine. I gasp, whimpering quietly. Bee whirs in concern. "Are you alright...Angel?"
I hear myself mutter, "mhm" and slowly sit up from my scrunched position. Sam's coming. "You can't tell anyone about this, Bee. No one, okay?" 
He agrees, "alright...Angel." I smile as Sammy gets in and we leave.

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