The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


14. Chapter Fourteen-The Truth

Chapter 14

"Do you guys trust me?"
"Yes, Angie, for the hundredth time," Ironhide answers.
I roll my eyes. "You and I have a lot in common. More than you'd think." The Autobots look at me confusedly. "Annie and I are not from Earth. Our home planet is...dead, though. We all have scars. But what happens to one twin, doesn't happen to the other. On our planet, Stromen, twins don't have separate bodies, they share one. On our planet, twins are freaks. And looking like I do, that just made it worse. Most of our people looked like Annie. The last set of twins had been...murdered. Our people were closed-minded. Twins were different, therefore they did not belong. So, Annie was out almost all the time, and I only came out in private. We don't actually look like this."
"Well, what do you look like?" 
"You all have to promise not to freak out." They nod and I take a deep breath. I grow to about eight foot, seven. My long metallic spiked tail came out of my tailbone, my spine jutting out of my skin, creating spikes, my green eye turned a brighter, mechanical green with binary code floating through it. "This is my true form, and Annie's looks like...what she looked like before, but a couple inches taller than I am now." I turn my head slightly, looking behind me, hoping, but it's in vain. My wings are gone. Ratchet cuts in.
"But you said you had wings." I look away. It's still a sore subject, and he understands.
Lennox adds, "you're beautiful."
I laugh as Ironhide glares at him. "Why did you take so long to tell us, Angie?" Sam asks as I shrink down.
"I've been here...on Earth....for a while, and I just got used to being....normal." I sigh. "It was nice, not having special treatment. Or being treated like too much of a freak." Sammy smiles understandingly. Bee whines in consideration. And then, the Decepticons attack.

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