The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


15. Chapter Fifteen-Packing

Chapter 15

Or, at least, the alarm goes off...apparently Skids thought it would be funny. Haha. Not. I watched 'Hide go after him, cannons blazing. Mudflap looked caught between helping his twin and laughing his aft off. I was doing the latter. 
About fifteen minutes later, Skids and 'Hide disappear, leaving me with Sideswipe. We've become friends. He's got a big ego, but we're buddies! And right now, he's gonna drive me to Sam's to help him get ready for college. The guys have just recently gotten back from Shanghai, so everyone was a little tense. The 'Cons were being naughty. Ha. Anyway.
We get to Sammy's and Ron is carrying a box, Sammy is following him, talking about something. I hug Sideswipe's holoform and get out of the driver's seat. I'm the only human he let's sit there. He told me.i sneak over to the guys and glomp Sammy. He screams (like a girl, might I add) and Ron laughs. He puts the box in their car, and we walk back inside. Judy's crying, so I hug her, letting go so she can hug Sammy. "Look what I found, your little baby booties."
"My little baby bootie boy... You can't go."
You see this, dad? This is how you're supposed to act when the fruit of your loins goes out into the cruel world to fend for himself. Okay?"
"Yeah, my heart bleeds for ya, pal. College, bummer." I laugh and walk outside. My favorite truck is there. I smile so wide, the Joker could not compare. 
Ironhide's holoform steps out, and I run up and hug him. He rumbles his laugh in his deep voice. I nestle my face in his shirt, taking in his scent. He smells like metal, oil, gasoline, dirt, and leather. I love it. He wraps his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. I look up at him. "Where'd you go?"
"The little fragger got away." I laugh.
"My poor 'Hide." He hums in the back of his throat, sounding like a soft growl. I let go of his neck in favor of his chest, and kiss him. He slowly kisses me back, and all that existed was him and me, me and him. I know it's cliché, but, it felt right. Then, we hear yelling. We pull apart reluctantly.
"We got a fire!" Sam! We run up closer to the house. Shredder jumps out of my leather jacket's pocket, raising his guns when Sammy jumps out of a window. He's being shot at!
"What was that?!" Ron shouts.
"That's the whole kitchen!" Sammy yells back. "Bumblebee!" Bee crashes through the side of the garage, and he and 'Hide start shooting at the minicons. They're all dead in a few moments. Judy had run out at some point, her head being attacked by a...waffle iron? I laugh insanely in my head. She hits her head on a low hanging flowerpot, and falls. Then Sam starts yelling at 'Bee and 'Hide. I growl and Ironhide holds me against him, my back to his chest, restraining me. I sigh, leaning back against him. The guys return to their alt forms, as cops and firefighters show up. This is gonna be a long day...


If you read this, go to and scroll over "Action" and under it "Transformers" and click "The Other Twins". It's cool if you check out the other stories' pictures, too.

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