The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


18. Chapter Eighteen-Decepticon in the Shop!

Chapter 18
It was about 10:23am the next day. Sammy was back in Philadelphia, and I was hanging out with Mikaela in the shop. She had just cut my hair short, and spiked it.
"So, Angie, how are you and the itchy trigger finger?" I laugh.
"Well he asked me out on a date after we got Sam moved into the college." I sigh. "Then he had to leave."
"Wow, Angie! I--" The brunette breaks off as her phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and groans. "What, Samuel?" Samuel says something on the other end. "I can't believe you stood me up on our first web chat date." I can hear him freaking out. "What, you finally hit puberty?" I laugh quietly as I close my eyes, listening to the music in the background. Bleed It Out by Linkin Park. Then I hear a voice in the back of the shop. I wave Mikaela over.
"Is there anyone else in the shop?" I whisper. She shakes her head. Slag. "Shredder?" My minibot whirs in a very Bumblebee-ish way, looking up at me. "Sh...let's go check it out."
"Hold on," 'Kaela tells Sam.we get closer and see a miniCon.
"Five to the right...a-ta-ta-ta-ta..." Then it looks up from the shop safe and screams. I cover my minibot's audials as the 'Con curses in his native tongue. She grabs him and holds him by the neck with a pair of tongs. I motion to 'Kaela that I'm going to check for more. She nods and I walk outside. I walk around the shop, listening to the crunch of gravel, expecting another 'Con to jump out at me. Once I realize there's nothing, Mikaela steps outside, and tells me we're going to meet Sam. I nod and grab the box with the Decepticon inside. Then, we're on our way to Sam's college.

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