The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw

No one realised that Rowena Ravenclaw had two daughters. Helena and Mae. They went to Hogwarts at different times and both were chosen to be in Ravenclaw. Mae was lost in history, she simply disappeared.

Rowena feared that Mae at age 14 was smarter than she was. So She transfigured her into the lost diadem.

1000 years later after Harry destroys the hourcrux She becomes free.

I am only able to update 1 every 2 months or later. Depends on School and Homework. Sorry.


2. Mae

7 years later ...


Mae was now seven years old. She was sitting in the garden reading her favourite spell book. She was reading big text books unlike Helena who was now 15. Mae was intelligent and incredibly witty while Helena had taken to following the local boys around.  Rowena carefully watched her two girls closely. As she was making supper for her family and the three other people with whom she might be forming a school. Rowena called the two girls in. Mae came running in her black hair flying behind her wildly.

"Girls, sit down we have some guests coming," Rowena told her children. " I want you to eat quickly and then go get changed into your best dresses." 

"Yes, Mama," the girls chorused .

As they finished their dinner they ran upstairs to get changed as Rowena packed away. CRACK. A young woman appeared out of thin air.

"Helga, you're here," Rowena greeted. 

"The others are coming as well,"  Helga announced cheerfully.

Rowena heard the two girls come back into the room.

"Helga, these are my children, Helena and Mae," Rowena introduced. Both girls curtsied politely. 

With another crack, two men appeared who seemed to be embroiled in an argument.   

"Godric and Salazar, you're here" Rowena said in way of greeting. "Goodness, would you stop arguing?" she demanded forcefully. 

"Fine," both mumbled in unison, scowling at each other.

"Good. These are my children, Helena and Mae,"  Rowena told Godric and Salazar. Turning to her daughters, she added, "Now off to bed you two."

With a slightly disappointed air, the two girls scurried of to bed.



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