The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw

No one realised that Rowena Ravenclaw had two daughters. Helena and Mae. They went to Hogwarts at different times and both were chosen to be in Ravenclaw. Mae was lost in history, she simply disappeared.

Rowena feared that Mae at age 14 was smarter than she was. So She transfigured her into the lost diadem.

1000 years later after Harry destroys the hourcrux She becomes free.

I am only able to update 1 every 2 months or later. Depends on School and Homework. Sorry.


3. Hogwarts

5 years later ...

"Mama?" Mae asked hopefully. 

"Yes, Mae?" Rowena replied.

"How do we get sorted into the houses?" Mae asked inquisitively.

Rowena pondered on the question for a moment. "We choose them," she said finally.

Mae was excited to attend Hogwarts, hoping that she would make some friends. Her sister started Hogwarts when it started, but by now she had left. It was Mae's turn.

"Mama?" Mae asked again. 

"Yes, Mae?" Rowena replied tiredly, getting annoyed at the interruptions.

"What subjects are there?" 

"You'll find out," answered Rowena mysteriously.

5 hours later ...

The horse stopped suddenly. 

"Mae, time to wake up," Rowena said shaking her youngest daughter awake, gently but firmly.

"Yes, Mama?" Mae asked sleepily.

"We are here now." 


"Hogwarts, Mae" 

Mae looked up and saw the castle towering above, the new stone was strong and sturdy, not a speck of dirt to be seen. 

"Wow," Mae said in awe. The inarticulate expression was the only word that she could get out, and it earned a disapproving look from her mother. 

"Follow me," Rowena said sternly, frightening her daughter since she had not used the tone of voice before. They both entered the castle and proceeded to a hall big enough to fit a thousand children. Mae took a good look around the room. In one corner there were four hourglasses, each one filled with a different gemstone, green emerald for Slytherin, red ruby for Gryffindor, yellow amber for Hufflepuff, and blue sapphire for Ravenclaw. Rowena lead her daughter up to the front, waiting for the other children to arrive by horse and carriage. 

The other founders were present, except one.

"Gryffindor, late as usual," Rowena said. "Mae, go sit over there."

Rowena pointed to a group of chairs by the hourglasses. Mae walked towards the chair at the front and sat down. Soon people began to enter. One by one, people filed in the hall, the first years coming last, all followed by Gryffindor. Each first year sat on the chairs behind and next to her something caught her eye the boy sitting next to her looked exactly like Slytherin himself. 

She never thought in her wildest dreams the Slytherin would have a son. Many thoughts ran thorough her mind. Who is his mother? Is he really Slytherin's son?

Then her thoughts were interrupted by her mother calling out names. Mae guessed that she was already a quarter of the way down the list. The tables had filled up considerably, but no more than fifty at each one. Mae must of zoned out because the next thing she knew her name was being called out, 

"Mae Ravenclaw."

She must have zoned out again because she heard the name of the boy who was siting next or her.

"Marvolo Slytherin."

Slytherin took him instantly. Before Mae knew it, her mother was rolling up the scroll, the introduction finished.







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