The Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw

No one realised that Rowena Ravenclaw had two daughters. Helena and Mae. They went to Hogwarts at different times and both were chosen to be in Ravenclaw. Mae was lost in history, she simply disappeared.

Rowena feared that Mae at age 14 was smarter than she was. So She transfigured her into the lost diadem.

1000 years later after Harry destroys the hourcrux She becomes free.

I am only able to update 1 every 2 months or later. Depends on School and Homework. Sorry.


6. A Locket, A Diadem, A Sword and A Cup.

2 weeks later

3rd Person. P.O.V (As it will be for the rest of the story)

Mae hadn't seen Marvolo around for two weeks she had started to think something bad had happened to him. Everyone was strutting around like they never remembered him. She had completed the wands. Also creating one for the descendants of the founders. One for her and Helena and one for Marvolo and Murdoch. 

Mae trudged up to her mother's office, annoyed and disappointed that her friend wasn't around. She gripped the wands and knocked on the door. Her satchel was hanging off her shoulder, her books weighing her down.

"Come in" Her mother's voice rang to her ears. 

She pushed the door open.

"You wanted to see me Mother?" Mae asked annoyed 

"You are annoyed with me again aren't you?" Rowena asked her youngest daughter.

"I was going to the library" 


Mae sat opposite her Mother who had ignored her remark. 

"Mae, I know you miss your friend, but he's gone"

"He hasn't gone"

"He ran off into the night, to the forbidden forest"

"He would of told me first" Mae replied "How come the school, with the exception of Helena and I. don't remember him?" 

"We thought it best, that the school forget"

"Also how did Professor Slytherin get his locket the same day Marvolo went missing?" 

"He was going to show the locket to him, then Marvolo ran off" Mae could tell her mother was getting nervous and twitchy.

"But… Wait… No" Mae stared hard at her mother "Unless he is…." Mae never finished her sentence as she felt her self transforming, slowly in to a diadem. 

"How could you?" Mae asked her mother one last time as she landed on the floor with a clatter. Mae was no longer human. 

Rowena picked her up. Tears falling down her face. "I'm so sorry Mae" She told the diadem "I couldn't risk you finding out" 

Mae's conscious sat in the centre diamond of the Diadem of Ravenclaw. She took in all her surroundings. It was different. She now looked over the whole school perched on top of her mother's head. She eyed the Slytherin table. Murdoch sat there proud with a smirk on his face. She soon looked at the Ravenclaw table where her friend Elien sat here face blank as if Mae never existed. She soon trailed to the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff table where she knew no one. 

Mae A voice spoke in her head. One she hadn't heard for two weeks

Marvolo. She replied

Where are you? 

On top of my mother's head 

You're the Diadem.

Yes and where have you been?.

​I think you know alread….

The connection was cut off and she felt her mother's head turn. Salazar's eyes met her mother's. "They can talk" Salazar mouthed to her mother. She heard her own mother's voice in her conscious "We cannot let them talk" 

They nodded to each other. Mae sat alone as the diadem on her mother's head.





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