She is Eveything

One year later, and the Cooper siblings are doing just fine... Until their father shows up again, during a trip to Ireland.


1. Prologue

"Will you hurry up Maxine?!" Maxwell called.

"Yeah, I'm not the one in a wheelchair!" Maxine replied, trotting down the hallway of their apartment.

"Will you just hurry up?!"

"Okay, fine." Maxine replied, grabbing the car keys, and her suitcase, "Are you ready to go, Maxwell?"

"Yeah, I've been ready," he replied, "Unlike you."

"Just come on, the plane leave in 3 hours, and we have to go through security, and all that great stuff."

Both siblings made their to the waiting car, and loaded their things inside. Maxine helped her brother into the front seat before climbing in the driver's side, and starting the car.

They drove to the airport in silence, Maxine noting that her Trainer's glove was beginning to fray at the seams.

About 30 minutes later, they arrived at the airport, and were now making their way through security. Soon, about 2 hours later, they were sitting in their seats on the plane, waiting for it to take off.

"Excited Maxine?" Maxwell asked, flipping through a book.

"Huh, what?" Maxine replied, startled, "Yeah..."

About an hour later, the plane finally took off, climbing into the sky.

Next Stop: Ireland.

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