She is Eveything

One year later, and the Cooper siblings are doing just fine... Until their father shows up again, during a trip to Ireland.


5. Plane Ride

"Dad?!" Maxine exclaimed, stepping back in surprise, "no!"   No had the words left her lips, that two men grabbed Maxine's arms, pulling her back into the room. Dr. Cooper stepped inside, a very unsettling smile on his face. Two other men walked forward, and pulled Maxwell off the bed, letting him fall to the floor in a heap.   "Maxine," Dr. Cooper said, addressing his only daugter, touching her chin, raising her head slightly, "now, you know, that's not how you address me."   "Do I look like I fucking care?" Maxine replied, pulling against the men holding her, "No, no I do not."   "Very well," he said, giving a small wave with his hand, and walking over to Maxwell.  Immediately, the men holding Maxine, bound her arms behind her back, and tied a strip of cloth in her mouth, effectively cutting off her speech. Maxwell gasped in horror, struggling to prop himself up on his hands as his father stepped closer to him.   "Our relationship didn't have to end like that," Dr. Cooper said, standing over his son.   "What relationship?!" Maxwell exclaimed, "all you did, was torture and abuse me! There was no relationship!"   "My dear Maxwell," Dr. Cooper replied, kneeling down, "of course, there was."   "Where?!" Maxwell exclaimed, "there was nothing!"   "Knock them out," Dr. Cooper frowned, standing up, "I don't think Maxwell got enough sleep last night."   His henchmen nodded, immediately injected both Maxwell, and Maxine with a clear liquid, causing them to fall asleep within only minutes. The siblings would never know how their father's men carried them through the hotel, without raising any suspicion from the staff. Their minds registered absolutely nothing between the hotel room, and waking up in the private jet.   Slowly, both Maxine's and Maxwell's heads lulled to one side as they woke up, the interior of the aircraft slowly registering as their vision cleared.   "Oh my g-- Dad!" Maxwell exclaimed, managing to sit up, rubbing his face.   "Nice nap, son?" Dr. Cooper casually asked, sipping a martini, like he was only making pleasant conversation, not having just essentially kidnapped his two children while they were visiting Ireland.   "Oh just fuck off," Maxine said, sounding like she was still half asleep, "I freaking knew it."   "Knew what, dear?" Dr. Cooper asked, seemingly genuinely curious about what his daughter was talking about.   "I knew you'd come back, I fucking knew you couldn't leave us alone," Maxine replied, sitting up beside her brother, looking her father straight in his eyes, "what the hell is it this time?"   "Maxwell, control your sister," Dr. Cooper laughed, putting his alcoholic beverage down.   "She has a point, Dad," Maxwell replied, carefully sitting back, "what the bloody hell, do you want this time?"   "Both of you are so adorable," Dr. Cooper pleasantly sighed, "well, if you must know. Maxine, I had one of my men examine the contents of your laptop upon boarding, and he found some interesting things in your search history."   "Really?" Maxine asked, almost sarcastically, "that can't be the reason you came after us."   "Quite right, originally, I just wanted imprison you two again," Dr. Cooper replied, sitting back in his seat, and examining his nails, "but then, my lackey found interesting information on that laptop of yours. Spiorad Uisce, and Ogon' Dukha? Two of the Legenderies? My... Maxine, what brought this on?"   "Go fuck yourself," Maxine replied, "it's none of your business, what I doing on MY laptop."   "It's in your best interest to answer my question, dear," Dr. Cooper replied, leaning forward in his seat, "I suggest, you do."   "Oh, just f--,"   "She was looking up the myth of the Secret Irish hot springs," Maxwell quickly said, interrupting Maxine before she could curse at their father again, "the Legendaries were just a side discovery."   "Side discovery?" Dr. Cooper asked, seemingly intrigued by Maxwell's statement.   "Yes," Maxwell replied, quickly covering his sister's mouth before she could unleash a torrent of swear words at their father, "I read about it, in the local news, and Maxine was curious about the evidence. You can't blame her for looking,"   "I suppose not," Dr. Cooper replied, thoughtfully, "actually, this quite interesting. Maxine, what did you find out about these Legendaries?"   "Nothing," Maxine replied, pulling Maxwell's hang from her mouth, "like I would fucking tell you, if I did.   "That's enough with the swearing!" Maxwell sharply whispered, lightly smacking Maxine.   "Maxwell, calm down," Dr. Cooper chuckled, enjoying his children's possible fight, "Maxine, sweetie, tell me more."   "I really don't know any more," she replied, "I honest to God, do not."   "Well, guess what you'll be doing, once we're back in Headquarters," Dr. Cooper said, thoughtfully, stroking his non-existent beard.   "Oh, fuck off," Maxine sighed, leaning back into the seat cushions.   Maxwell was about to reprimand his sister again, but decided that it was warranted that time.
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