She is Eveything

One year later, and the Cooper siblings are doing just fine... Until their father shows up again, during a trip to Ireland.


4. Dear Daughter

The next day, the Cooper siblings just stayed in their hotel room, and relaxed. Maxwell was reading a novel, while Maxine was on her laptop, looking up information on the Irish hotsprings that her brother had mentioned the day before.

"Maxwell," she said, clicking on a link, and skimming the information on the page, "you said there were magical hot springs, yeah?"

"I said, there might be," he replied, looking up from his book, "it's just a rumor, remember?"

"I know," Maxine replied, looking at him, "but it says here, that springs, which contain healing powers, also are home to many creatures, including the great Spiorad Uisce, and Ogon' dukha."

"The what?" Maxwell suddenly asked, his sister, now having his full attention, "Maxine, Spiorad Uisce, and Ogon' dukha are the most powerful creatures to have lived. they're Legendary. No one has ever dared to even try to train them."

"I wonder why it doesn't mention the other three..." Maxine mumbled, not quite paying attention to her brother.

"Maxine!" Maxwell suddenly exclaimed.

"Huh?! What?..." Maxine replied, looking up from her laptop, quite startled.

"Did you hear, what I said?" Maxwell asked, placing his book on the bed, and moving over to Maxine.

"What, no." Maxine replied, clicking another link.

"I said, Spiorad Uisce, and Ogon' dukha are Legendary creatures, no one has ever tried to train them. it's impossible." Maxwell said, leaning on the bed, looking at his sister's laptop screen, "and no, you're not gonna try, its to dangerous."

"Do you have to suck the fun out of everything?" Maxine asked, looking at her brother, "besides, I wasn't going to."

"I'm your older brother," Maxwell laughed, a smile on his face, "it's my job."

Maxwell straightened up as he said this, suddenly put his hands on his back, and gasping in pain.

"What the hell?" He muttered, having not expected his back to hurt, considering his spine had been broken for a year.

"Are you okay?" Maxine asked, looking up from her laptop, focusing on her brother.

"My back's hurting," Maxwell replied, gasping again, "That's unusual."

"Probably just your back muscles stretching," Maxine replied, closing the laptop, and potting it aside, "C'mon, let me help you onto the bed."

Without really a protest, Maxwell let his sister pull him out of his wheelchair, and lay him on the bed, frontside down, his head resting on the pillow. Maxine climbed on the bed beside him, sitting up, placing her fingers gently on his back, lightly pressing down.

"Can you feel this?" She asked, gently moving her fingers along Maxwell's lower back.

"Just pressure, more than anything," Maxwell replied, turning his head on the pillow.

Maxine pressed a little harder, beginning to massage her brother's lower back.

"What about this?"

"Still, really just the pressure." Maxwell said, "Maybe I was imagining it..."

"You reacted to pain," Maxine replied, "I don't think that's the case."

"Whatever it is..." Maxwell said, sighing. He rested his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes.

"Y'know, I don't really wanna leave Ireland." Maxine casually said, still rubbing her brother's back.

"Madame Kavi only gave us a week, Maxine," Maxwell replied, not opening his eyes.

"I know..." Maxine sighed, "It's so beautiful here."

Maxwell sighed, not to fond of his sister's comment, though, she was right. Ireland was gorgeous.

"You need to repair your Trainer glove," he said, steering away from the subject of Ireland, "It's beginning to fall apart."

"I am aware of that," Maxine replied, still massaging her brother's back, "very aware of that."

"Okay, fine," Maxwell laughed, smiling again.

It was a pleasant few minutes, the siblings spending time together, doing nothing extravagant, just enjoying the other's company.

Until someone knocked on the room door. Puzzled, Maxine stopped rubbing her brother's back, and got up, walking over to the door.

"Who could that, possibly be?" she muttered. Maxwell watching her.

Maxine placed her hand on the doorknob, slowly turning it, expecting to see hotel staff. However, upon opening the door, what Maxine actually got was far worse.

"Hello, my dear daughter."

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