She is Eveything

One year later, and the Cooper siblings are doing just fine... Until their father shows up again, during a trip to Ireland.


3. Bothering Me

Once the tournament was over, the Cooper siblings went back to their hotel room, keen on getting some rest to the next day. At the moment, they were standing at the Elevator banks, waiting to board. Maxine had her hand on of the handles for Maxwell's wheelchair, staring at the metal doors. Truth be told, she didn't really like elevators, not that she was terrified of them or anything. Maxine just didn't like elevators, she'd rather take the stairs up to their 5th floor room. But since Maxwell was confined to a wheelchair, Maxine decided she'd put up with them. After all, they weren't that bad.

Once the elevator came, the siblings boarded, pressing the button for the fifth floor. The doors closed, and the box started going up.

"Maxine, are you okay?" Maxwell asked, noticing that his sister was clutching the wheelchair handle with a death grip.

"Huh...? What?" Maxine asked, snapping out of a trance she had been in for the past few minutes, "Yeah, Maxwell, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" he asked, looking up at her, the elevator lights reflecting off his glasses.

"No," Maxine sighed, taking her off the chair handle, letting it drop to her side. She folded her arms several seconds later, looking away from her brother.

"What's wrong?" He asked, reaching out a hand to tough Maxine's arm.

"It's just..." she sighed, looking back him, "The thing is--"

Right at that moment, just as Maxine was about to get all emotional, spilling her troubles to her brother, the doors opened, revealing the fifth floor of the hotel. Thankfully, no one was waiting on the other side.

"Let's talk about this in the room," Maxwell smiled, squeezing her arm.

"'Kay," Maxine nodded, as they disembarked the elevator, walking to their room. Maxine unlocked the door, and stepped inside, immediately climbing on one of the beds, and curling into a ball. Maxwell rolled over, and leaned over onto the bed, resting his head on the sheets, stroking his sister's arm.

"Maxine?" he asked, trying to prompt her to talk again.

"It's just-- Well, after Dad threw you from the roof, we haven't seen him since," she said, looking at him, "Maxwell, it's been a year."

"I know," Maxwell replied, "Maxine, it's okay, Dad hasn't come after us since, I highly doubt he will."

"I know, Maxwell," Maxine said, turning over on her back, one arm flailed out to the side, "But what if it's not that? What if Dad is planning something big? You know, to get us? and that's why we haven't seen him for a year?"

"Maxine, stop worrying," Maxwell replied, "Dad has probably forgotten about us by now."

"Honestly, Maxwell?" Maxine asked, an incredulous look on her face, "Did you hear what just came out of your mouth?"

"Yes, Maxine," Maxwell laughed, "I did, but I mean it. If Dad was coming after us, he would have done so by now. Besides, he wouldn't know we're in Ireland right now."

"Well, you're right Maxwell... I guess," Maxine replied, "But it just keeps bothering me. Especially how he just threw you from the roof. Maxwell, there was no emotion on his face, other than hate when he did."

"Maxine," Maxwell said, sitting back up, "don't remind me."

"Sorry..." Maxine replied, in a low voice.

"It's alright," Maxwell said, immediately smiling, "Now go make dinner. I'd do it, but I'm kinda at a height disadvantage here."

He shrugged as he spoke, making Maxine smile. She climbed off the bed, and walked to the mini-fridge, pulling out two TV dinners, and walking over the microwave.

"'Height disadvantage'?" she asked, removing the dinners from their packaging, "Maxwell, come on, it's a microwave. You can easily reach it from your wheelchair."

"But..." Maxwell smiled, "I don't wanna."

"Then just say, you're too lazy," Maxine smiled, putting the dinners in the microwave, pressing the "ON" switch, before walking back over to the bed, "honestly, what would you do with out me?"

"I'd still be stuck at that hellhole, known as The Nexus Society, none the wiser," Maxwell replied, grabbing the remote for the TV from the nearby bedside table. He flicked on the set, coming up with BBC Ireland. Maxine pulled the dinners from the microwave, and handed one to Maxwell, before sitting back on the bed, and turning her attention to the TV, and a rerun of Inspector Why. That's how the evening went for the siblings, watching TV for a few hours, and then retiring to bed for the night.

If only Maxine knew, just how right she was about their father.

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