I Think I Love You

I've known the boys since X Factor. My name is Isabelle and I'm a makeup artist. I'm 19, about to turn 20, and I'm One Direction's makeup artist. The thing is I think I'm in love with one of them.


1. Chapter 1-

“Belle it’s so nice to see you again,” Louis screams at me and picks me up into a huge hug. Before I know it, all the boys engulf me into a big hug. My name is Isabelle, but they all call me Belle. Bell is my nickname and they all say it’s because belle is beautiful in French, but I don’t think so.
    “Hey guys. What are you doing at the airport at 2 O’Clock in the morning?”
    “We came to pick you up. Duh,” Harry screams. I just arrived in America for some interviews. It’s the end of January. The boys are doing interviews for the Where We Are tour coming up.
    “Can you guys stop shouting? It’s 2 O’Clock in the morning. Let’s just get back to the hotel.” Harry’s birthday is in a week and the boys and I are planning him a surprise party. We walk back to the car. Niall’s driving, I’m in the passenger seat, and the other boys are in the back. I turn down the radio and say, “So, how have you boys been?”
    “You saw us like a week ago, but we’re good. We’re so physiqued about the Where We Are tour,” Niall explains. It gets silent and we turn the radio back on. Taylor Swift I knew You Were Trouble come on. We all laugh then start singing along. As the song comes to an end we pull up to the hotel. The paparazzi are swarming us as we try and get into the hotel. When we finally get in I check in.
    “Belle we live on a private floor. So, there will be no fans and you will need your ket to get on the floor,” Liam explains to me.
    “Okay. Goodnight guys,” I say as we walk towards our hotel rooms.
    “Goodnight Belle,” they all say as we all walk into our hotel rooms. I walk into my hotel room and it’s massive.
    “Hey Belle. It’s so nice to see you again!” Lou says.
    “Hey Lou! So are we sharing a room?”
    “Ya! It’s like a loft. Your room is down the hall. Goodnight!”
    “Goodnight Lou!” I adore Lou. We are both stylists, but she’s way better. I want to sleep, but I also want to unpack. I’ll go to bed and unpack in the morning. I slowly walk to the room, while admiring the paintings in the hall way. They’re really pretty and look very expensive. I turn the door handle to my room and walk in. My room is humungous. A king size bed, a flat screen T.V., my own personal bathroom. I put my suite case down on the little coffee table. I pull out my pajamas, put them on, and fix my messy bun. I walk to the bed and slowly fall to sleep.
    “Aunt Isabelle! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Guess who came to visit?” the sweet and adorable Lux asks me.
    “Who?” I ask. Lux is the cutest little girl ever!
    “Uncle Harry! And he made us pancakes,” she giggles.
    “I’ll beat you to the kitchen.” We both run to the kitchen. “Oh Lux you beat me.”
    “Oops, Sorry,” she giggles again. We piled up pancakes on our plate and dug in.
    “Harry these pancakes are delicious,” I say as I finish eating my last one.
    “Thanks! Our interview today is at 1. I should probably get going. Bye,” Harry says as he walks out.
    “Bye,’ we all shout. I rinse my plate and put it in the dishwasher.
    “I’m going to go to my room and unpack,” I say. I walk to my room and start to unpack. By the time I’m done it’s 11:30. I have to leave in an hour. I take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, put on my makeup, and head downstairs. “Hey, Lou, when are you going to be done? We have to leave in a couple of minutes.”
    “Okay, okay I’m done. There is a car waiting for us in the parking lot. Let’s go!” We head down to the parking lot and theres a big black car waiting to take us to the interview studio. The car finally pulls us up to the studio. We rush out the car and into the boys’ dressing room. “I’ll get Harry, Zayn, and Liam. You can do Niall and Louis. Okay?”
    “Oh you want to give me Louis this time huh? It’s fine I can deal with him.”
    “Good luck Belle!”
    “Thanks Lou. I’m going to need it.” I go into Niall and Louis’ dressing room and say, “Hey boys. I’m going to be doing your outfits and hair and stuff today.”
    “Yay! We get Belle,” Louis screams.
    “Okay Lou calm down. Niall first. I can’t do you while you’re this hyper. Come on Niall sit.” I start on Niall’s hair. I put it up into a quiff and put gel in his hair so it stays. Next I work on his makeup. Yes the boys do wear a little bit of makeup. All celebrity’s do. “Niall stay still so I can put the rest of the makeup on.”
    “But I don’t want makeup on. Makeup is for girls,” Niall complains.
    “Not necessarily Niall. Now stay still and stop complaining.” I finish up his makeup and get him dressed. “Okay Louis your turn. Sit.”
    “Yay!” Louis says like a little kid. I sit Louis down and start with his hair. I fix Louis’ hair in whatever hairstyle he wants this time. Then, I put some gel in it to make it stay. Next I start with his makeup. Louis is actually pretty still, well for as still as he can be. I give Louis his clothes and he gets changed.
    “All done. Now you guys have to go. So, go go go!” We all walk outside of the dressing room to find Lou, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. “Okay guys you have to go. See you after the show.”
    “We did a good job today huh?” Lou says.
    “Ya, but you were much faster than I was. Those boys just can’t sit still.”
    “I totally agree. They are some crazy boys.”
    “Ya,” we both laugh.
    “Hey we should all hang out in Lou and Belle’s place,” Harry says.
    “Ya!” they all scream.
    “Fine,” Lou and I both say at the same time while rolling our eyes. We all walk into our hotel room.
    “What do you guys want to do?” Niall asks.
    “How about watch a movie?” Harry suggests.
    “Its Belle and Lou’s turn to pick,” Liam says.
    “How about The Notebook?” I ask Lou.
    “Sounds good.” Lou puts in The Notebook and we all sit down by the T.V. I sit in-between Niall and Lou. As the movie went on I slowly fall asleep.
    “Guys let’s not wake them up.” I can’t tell who said that though.
    “Liam. They look so cute together,” Louis, I think, says.
    “Oh. Well, good morning Belle!” Liam says.
    “Good morning. Where did the rest of the boys go?” I ask as I sit up trying not to wakeup Niall.
    “Harry and Zayn went off to get us breakfast.”
    “Oh ok. I’m going to go use the loo.” I walk to the loo in my room to freshen up before I head back down to the living room area. Bye the time I’m back from the loo Harry and Zayn are back and Niall is up. “Hey guys. Good morning Niall.”
    “Hey,” everyone says. Harry and Zayn got us all pancakes and tea for breakfast. Niall is eating like 10 pancakes at a time and gulping down tea. Harry is running around the flat like a lunatic. Zayn and Liam are watching some crime show on tv. Then there’s Lou and I, eating pancakes, drinking tea, and talking civilly.
    “So what are we going to do today?” I ask. I really want to just hang out. Maybe see a movie. I would love to see Divergent.
    “I don’t know. We are leaving later tonight to go somewhere else for interviews,” Liam answered calmly.
    “Let’s go see a movie,” Louis suggests.
    “What about Captain America or Divergent?” Niall asks.
    “I really want to see Divergent,” I say.
    “Same,” Harry and Lou say.
    “Okay so let’s go see Divergent,” Liam says. Niall, Lou, and I rode in a car together and Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn ride in a car together. We get in disguises so no one notices us. We get into the theater and into our seats and a fan notices us. There goes our disguises.
    “OMG your One Direction can I get a picture with you guys.” The girl looks about 17 years old. She’s wearing a dress from Abercrombie and Fitch.
    “Yeah sure. Don’t tell anyone it’s us thought,” Zayn says.
    “No problem. I’m Abbey,” she says shocked. They take a quick photo and the movie begins to start. The movie is absolutely amazing. Maybe even better than the book.
    “We should go and eat out. Let’s go to Chili’s,” I say.
    “Ya!” everyone yells. We head to Chili’s and eat. Niall orders just about everything on the menu.
    “Niall is there anything on the menu you forgot to order?” I ask sarcastically.
    “Ha ha very funny,” Niall says back. We finish eating and head back to the hotel. I pack everything up and we head to the airport.
    “Come on guys we have a plane to catch,” Harry yells. We get into the plane and I immediately fall asleep on Harry’s shoulder.

Author's Note-

Hey guys. In case you don't know me I'm Hannah. I hope you guys enjoy this story. I honestly like this story the best. Have fun and enjoy the journey with me.

-Hannah xx

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