True Blood (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Hi my name is Lilia Jackson. I'm 17 years old and I'm in love with Niall Horan. The only thing is that he's a Vampire. He is part of a Vampire Group called "True Blood."


5. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

As soon as Louis asked me when I am going to change Lilia I instantly knew that I will need to. I can't keep having The Bloods(Luke and Ashton's gang) keep coming after her. I've kept her human for as long as I think is possible. 

You see if one of The Blood members changes her she'll be linked with them. She will be his mate. Even though vampires can't have children. But they will be linked together forever. 

"Mate, she's up and is requesting you." I hear Liam's voice call from upstairs. I instantly get off the couch hand Louis my half empty bag which he consumes without a second thought. And run upstairs to see My Princess.

"Hey Princess." I say to her with a smile on my pink lips.

"Hey Ni." She says back mirroring my smile. 

She tries to get up but I can see her struggling. She is very pale and weak.

"Don't get up princess!" I say moving her feet so I can sit down." She instantly becomes more relaxed when I'm around her. 
"When are you going to change me Ni?" She asks with her eyes closed. 

"I don't know princess." I say studying her pale fragile face.

"It'll make it easier if we'd get it over with. That way you all don't have to babysit me." she says back to me her eyes still closed.

"I know princess. Try to get some sleep." I say as her breathing evens out and she falls into a deep sleep.

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