True Blood (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Hi my name is Lilia Jackson. I'm 17 years old and I'm in love with Niall Horan. The only thing is that he's a Vampire. He is part of a Vampire Group called "True Blood."


3. Chapter 2

Niall's POV

I see Harry pick up Lilia  and start to run back home with her lifeless in his arms. Her blood dried to her neck where he sank his fangs into her,

Please don't let her die. I can't lose her! I feel like I'm about to sob my heart out but I can't because I gotta take care of Luke and Ashton. 

Ten Minutes Later

I smile as I see  Ashton and Luke turning to ash. I turn around making sure nobody is around to see what I've just done to them. When I realize that there is no one around I run back home. To my princess. Hoping no praying that she's alright. 

I'm on my way home. I think to the boys knowing that they heard me.

I open the front door seeing Liam kneeling over Lilia with a scowl on his face. Knowing that she's in good hands with Liam taking care of her.

"How is she?" I ask kneeling next to her head. Stroking her hair away from her face looking at her sleeping. 

"She's been drained of blood. But luckily I found out which blood type she was. And we had some in the basement. So I'm pumping it  into her right now."

Yes I know we don't drink Human blood but we get our blood from a blood bank just for vampires. No humans know about it. Well, except the ones giving blood. But they carefully chose them. 

I give her a kiss on her temple and get up heading downstairs. So I can get some blood for myself. I grab a AB bag, my favorite, open it and start to chug it. Harry, Zayn, and Louis are all down there. With empty bags spread all through out the floor. 

"What are you all doing down here?" I ask moving Harry's feet off the couch so I can sit down.

"I can't deal with the smell of her sweet blood." Louis says. Since he's the youngest he's not used to being around a human thats been biten.(Yes I know harry is the youngest but for my story he is)

"I understand mate. You're not used to it."I say patting his shoulder since he is sitting in front of me. 

"How is she?" Louis asks leaning his head back on my knee looking at me with curious eyes.  

"She'll be fine. Liam is pumping her with blood right now." I say dropping my second blood bag onto the already cluttered floor. 

"Thats good. I know you love her. When are you going to change her?" Louis asks going back to his half empty blood bag. 

"I don't know Lou! Haven't really thought about it!" I say back to the younger lad.


​The Boys Age before they became a vampire as well as how long they've been a vampire:

Niall-20( 3 years vampire)

Liam-19 (2.5 years Vampire)

Zayn-21 (4 years vampire)

Harry- 22 (5 years Vampire Changed all of them)

Louis- 18 (6 Months Vampire)


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