True Blood (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Hi my name is Lilia Jackson. I'm 17 years old and I'm in love with Niall Horan. The only thing is that he's a Vampire. He is part of a Vampire Group called "True Blood."


2. Chapter 1

Lilia's POV

"Please Ashton! Don't hurt me!" I say to him as I look into his blood red eyes. I see faint blood dried on his lips. 

"Oh don't worry sweet heart. I won't hurt you I'm going to destroy you!" He says as he starts to walk towards me. I start walking backwards when I hit another hard chest.

Please let it be Niall.

I turn around only to be met with another pair of blood red eyes. It was Luke Ashton's best mate.

This is Ashton 

This is Luke(Sorry about his eyes. I picked a bad picture) :(


Luke wrapped his arms around my waist making sure that he had my arms secured in his grip.

"I've been wanting to taste your sweet blood ever since I first smelled you on Niall." Ashton said running his pointer finger over my pulse point. 

"So sweet, so warm and thick can't wait for it to be running down my throat." Aston rasped kissing a small kiss on my pulse point. Making my adrenaline race through my veins. 

"Save some for me Ash!" Luke rasped out I can tell that his mouth is watering from his venom coming out of his fangs.

"Don't worry Brother. I'll save you some." Ashton said as he opened his mouth wide. Fangs at the ready. I close my eyes not wanting to see this happen to me.

"Let go of her!" I hear the Irish accent that I love so much say.

"Not a chance Niall. You weren't here to protect her. Which means she's rightfully ours!" Ashton growled at him.  He opened his mouth wide yet again. I started whimpering knowing full well what was about to happen. 

"I said let her go!" Niall growled again. Hands clenched in fists.

"N-Niall please help me!" I whimper out. My eyes still closed.

"Don't you worry Princess I'll help you!" He says knowing full well that I am terrified.

"Aww isn't that sweet. Niall is going to help his Princess. Well, I'm sorry he's to late!" Ashton said as he bit into my pulse point. Making me scream out in pain. I start fighting against Luke but he's to strong. His grip tighten around my arms. 

"NOOOOO!" I hear Niall yell out as soon as he hears him bite into my skin. Niall then attacked Luke which made Ashton get his fangs ripped out of my neck. 

Niall's POV

As soon as I see Ashton bite into her neck. My princess' neck. I screamed. I automatically attacked Luke. Which made him let go of Lilia and Ashton lost his grip on her. She fell to the ground like a sand bag.

"GO HELP HER!" I yell to Harry. 

Your late! I think to him.

I know I know I'm sorry. We found Michael and Calum drinking off of a poor girl and we had to help her! He thought back to me. 

Well, did you! 

No we were to late..

Get her to the house! And have Liam look at her!

Harry picked up my girlfriend and ran back home. 



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