Ashton Imagines


2. He's too late

somewhere along the way he fell for you- really hard. he tried to push the feelings away because he knew that he didn't wanna mess this friendship up. this one was special. this one was important. "Just tell her mate! What if it's too late?" Calum says one night as Ashton contemplates on whether or not he should tell you. "Cal she's different. I don't wanna lose her... I I really love her." "WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD TELL HER. That's it you're going to her tour bus now and you're telling her," Calum kicks him off the bus and locks the door. Ashton groans and makes his way over to your tour bus and walks in. Every step he took he was getting ready. He was so ready to tell you he was in love with. Completely head over heels for you when something stops. He catches you and Michael cuddled up one end of the couch, him tickling you every now and then and pecking your lips. Ashton coughs breaking you two up and you beam. "Ash! Finally you're here I've been wanting to tell you something... Michael and I are dating! Like can you believe it? This dork finally asked me out!" Ashton's heart breaks but he puts on a brave smile just for you because he wants to see you happy. "Yay! That's great, I just wanted too see where you guys were. I'm gonna be on the other bus okay?" He smiles quickly and heads onto the other bus. His hands ball into fists as he storms past Calum. "Bro did you tell her?" "No. You were right.. I was too late..."

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