Ashton Imagines


5. He talks about you


you and the girls were out shopping. it was a different country and nothing could be more exciting than going sight seeing with your two best friends. you were really grateful that Ashton and the rest of the boys let you three tag along for the tour. So far it was great! You guys were currently in Italy- probably your favorite stop so far. "Look the boys are having a Q&A over there!" Sam yells as she points with her shopping bag filled hand. Your eyes immediately flit over to where she's pouting at and you can feel your heart skip a beat. You usher the girls to follow you and you guys perfectly blend in with the crowd. "Alright next is um how about you? The girl in the black?" Luke calls out, a microphone equipped in his hands. "Uh this ones for Ash. I just wanna know, how is your relationship with y/n so far?" Surprisingly the girl in the black was standing next to you guys and you hoped that your boyfriend wouldn't notice but to late. His eyes meet yours and a cheeky smile appears on his face. "Well why don't you ask her?" He says and points to you, making all the fans squeal. You give him a death stare as he simply sticks his tongue out like a child.

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