Ashton Imagines


4. He stares at you onstage

you were totally stoked for the night because you and some friends were heading out for a concert. you were all pumped and the opening act just made your energy increase and increase for the night. every once in awhile you'd find the drummer sneaking a few glances at you - even winking a couple times while he was drumming away on stage - but brushed it off. "Who's that guy up there?" You whisper to one of your friends as you bop around with the music. "That's Ashton Irwin. Stay away from him, he's bad news." You look back up at him only to find him already starting at you and you can feel your cheeks flush a little bit. The concert was perfect just like you knew it was going to be and as you were heading out of the venue a big security guard saunters up to you. He hands you a backstage pass, "Mr.Irwin wishes to speak to you," he says firmly and you glance at your friends who look like their eyes are about to pop right out of their head. You gulp slightly as you head into his dressing room. There he is. You have to admit he was kind of hot. He was wearing a bandana, pushing back some of the golden curls away from his forehead. He was wearing a band t-shirt - sleeves rolled up - along with black skinnies. "Well there you are beautiful," he licks his lips while standing up, "names Ashton." "I know, but I'm not a stalker I swear." He chuckles at you causing you to smile a but still feel slightly Uncomfortable. He notices how tense you are and smirks, striding up towards you and backing you up against the wall. You take note of the close proximity but try to brush it off casually. Ashton's lip momentarily hover over yours before he brushes them against your soft pair. "Well then beautiful, I think it's time we get to know each other eh?" And with that he quickly connects his lips to yours, placing his hands on your hips and tugging you closer towards him.

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