Ashton Imagines


3. He reminds you how much he loves you

tonight was a lazy night. you were wearing one of Ashton's old band t-shirts and a pair of sweats. he was wearing something similar along with a beanie. a few of his soft golden locks were sticking out and you had to control yourself from running your hand through them. "Baby I'm bored," he pouts as he lays his head in your lap. You chuckle as he juts out his big bottom lip, creating a puppy dog face that you can't say no to. "I'm bored too you boob what am I supposed to do?" He chuckles at you before sitting up straight. "I have an idea!" He yells as he makes you stand. He grabs his phone and headphones quickly before leading you out to the balcony outside. He plugs the head phone in and hands you an earbud before sticking one in his ear. You stare at him quite confused as he slips his phone into his pocket. Pretty soon you feel a hand at the small of your back and he pushes you closer to him. His forehead rests against yours, giving you access to stare into his beautiful hazel colored eyes. A thousand years starts playing and you look up at Ashton smiling widely at the memories. It was the song he sang you in front of the entire school before asking you out during freshman year. "One day I'm gonna explode into tears because of you Ashton," you chuckle out wrapping yours arms around his neck swaying back and forth slowly. "Hmm but it'll be happy tears. I just love showing my love for you. I want you to be constantly reminded how much I love you. Now shh and enjoy this moment," you shut your eyes as he nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck leaving soft kisses. It was just you two, the song, and the beautiful night sky forming as a backdrop. "I love you so much babe," Ashton says and you can hear how much he means it. "I love you too Ash. I love you very much,"

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