Ashton Imagines


1. He Gets Jealous

"Guys I'm really bored!" You groan out one Saturday afternoon, your face buried against a throw pillow. There was literally nothing to do in the 5sos house that day, and you were contemplating or whether or not you should just head to bed for the night. Just when your eyes were about to shut, you hear four familiar voices barge into the house disrupting your peace. "Well, there goes that idea," you groan as they saunter into the living room. You catch Ashton's gaze and he smiles softly at you. His cheeks start turning into a deeper shade of pink and he quickly looks away before taking a seat next to you on the couch. "That's it we're having a movie night," Michael blurts out as he turns off the lights in the living room. Calum and Luke start making a fort in front of the tv while Michael hands you and Ashton some blankets. All of you pick out the movie and start watching. Halfway through the movie, Michael slings an arm around your shoulder and you rest your head on his because you were starting to get a bit drowsy. "I'm gonna get something to drink I'll be right back," you exclaim as you remove the blanket off of you and skip into the kitchen. You walk up to the fridge and grab a soda when you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and push you up against the wall. "Ash what're you doing?" He doesn't say a word as he connects his lips to yours. It isn't like his usual soft kisses this one feels like it's more urgent and he needs you. "Mine," he whispers as he peppers kisses all over your face. "You're mine and I don't want you to cuddle with anyone else but me," you chuckle at how cute he looks when he's jealous and ruffle his hair. "Aw is Ashton jealous?" "Don't push it babe," he chuckles and connects his lips with yours again.

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