Ashton Imagines


7. cuddling


"You really like cuddling don't you babe?" Ashton questions you as you snuggle more into him on a chilly Saturday night. The two of you were laying out in the lawn covered in blankets and pillows and watching stupid movies on his laptop. "Well I'm sorry I'm a cuddler Ash. You better get used to it," you chuckle out as you wrap one of your legs around his. He chuckles and immediately wraps one arm loosely around your waist and he plays with the hem of your shirt. He starts drawing random shapes on your thigh without even realizing it due to the fact he's so engrossed into the show. The two of you finish the movie quickly and start browsing through some more titles when you come across one that makes your heart stop. "Oh my god ash! No stop we're watching scooby doo now!" He chuckles at your childlike behavior but smiles widely because he knows it's your favorite show. "I love Scooby Doo so much," you coo out as you're watching. "Not as much as me right?" He asks in a child voice, jutting out his bottom lip. "Well you're like my scooby doo baby," you giggle as you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. He smiles widely at your new pet name and let's you play with his hair as you two continue to watch.

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