Ashton Imagines


6. boredom


"Ash," you whine as you saunter into the living room, plopping yourself down on your boyfriend's lap. you admire his features - his perfect golden colored hair that was slightly disheveled, his glasses, his beautiful hazel eyes - and you smile softly at him. his arm involuntarily wraps around your waist and his hand slowly slips under your shirt and he starts rubbing your bare skin. you close your eyes at the soothing motion and lean your head on his shoulder. "Ash," you whisper softly and he nods with a slight 'hmm'. "I wanna cuddle. I've been wanting to cuddle with you really badly," you whispers as Ashton lets out a quite chuckle. "Follow me," he says as he slowly lets you get up and shuts the tv off. he takes your hand in his slowly and you follow him out into the backyard. the warm summer air hits your face and you can't help but smile as you look up at the sky. you follow Ashton until you see blankets and pillows completely set up against a big tree. "Movie night outside?" Ashton smiles at you as you pull him in for a soft kiss.

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