You cant always fix whats broken


1. bullies

A/N; I'm pretty new at writing do I'll try my best with good grammar lol MKAY so yeah lez goo.

Hi, I'm Alissa. I'm 14 years old and I have a sister that is 13, her name is tristen but I call her tris. I go to Northeastern middle and I get bullied by two guys, Nash Grier and Taylor Caniff. Apparently they're the "nicest kids at school" ahah no. I have blonde hair with pink strips in it, you may think I'm confident but I'm not. That's my friend, Brianna, she's the only one that'll stick up for me, except for my crush, Matt Espinosa c:. She's the only one that knows I cut and it'll stay like that, I am 2 weeks clean which is great! It's that farthest I've ever gone! Well anyways the first day of 6th grade is when I got bullied, I'm in 8th now, yes I have sealed with bullying for 4 years, yes it's hard, but I have to get through it...


As I walked into school all I hear is "ew it's the slut again" or "aweh, she sits cut herself deep enough" etc. yeah it hurts but I just learned to ignore them. I walk over to my locker which is next to Brianna's. "Hey bribri" I say "hi Alissa. Did they die yet ahah" I love her jokes "nawh, I wish tho hah. Do how was you wee-" I got cut off by someone yelling across the hall "ew! It's a fat ass! Everyone run before she swallows you up!" Wow, that's so cheesy like omg. I laugh ahah. But yeah it hurts. Like I don't think they understand that I go home every night and cry.

Brianna stood up and walked over to the kid and cussed the shit outta him ahhahaha man it was funny.

In 4th period I have Taylor in my class, another one of my bullies. Great! Note the sarcasm.

I walke over to my seat and sat down. In the middle of me taking my notes I see a crumbled piece of paper land on my desk, it reads; 'hey bitch, I see you still haven't died yet, I wish you did. Everyone would be so much happier. No one likes you, your own father hates you!'i stopped reading for a second, yeah my father does hate me. Besides he's never home for me anyways and when he is he's always bangin some girl he brought home. 'Yeah that's right I know about that, I know why you mother left you. Because you so fuckin ignorant! You deserve bullies just do us all a favor and die tonight! Please! I'm begging you! Everyone will be some much happier.- Taylor' of course, Taylor. His mom works for my father.

*eNd Of ScHoOl*

I walk home everyday alone but today was different. I was just leaving the school parking lot when Matt Espinosa, probably the most popular kid in school, came up to me and started walking with me "why are you here, I know you hate me. Just jump me already" I say while holding my arms out to the side waiting for him to jump me. Yes I like him but I don't think he feels the same way. "I don't hate you," shocker "I actually need to ask you something very important", "what do you want from me" it didn't sound as mean in my head "I like you, do you like me?" Omfg the Matt Espinosa says he likes me, I swear we were standing there for like 3 minutes just staring into each others eyes, wow there so dreamy "do you like me?" He finally says "uhh uhh y-yes" I stuttered, way to go Alissa! "Ok soo, do you want to go out with me?" He says blushing. Wow omfg I swear I had a mini heart attack, oh what am I saying! I was full out dying. Man I can't believe I will be having a boyfriend! "Yes!" Wow smooth Alissa "I mean sure" ugh great. "Ok" he says smiling like an idiot that I just have to laugh at. "So you wanna walk home together, I live just a few houses from you. And I don't want you getting hurt on your way home", and with that I say yes. We walk home, hand and hand, not worrying about a thing. My life just got 30% better!

A/N; whoa sorry for it being pretty long, I didn't think it was 😂

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