I Found You Z.M.

Everyone is born with a birthmark. And if you have the same birthmark, that person is your soulmate. Ali Carter has a terrible life. Her parents are never home. She gets bullied at school. One day, she wants to commit suicide. What happens when she sees her soulmate?


1. Chapter 1




Alison Carter. 18. Smart. She gets called these names everyday. On the inside she wants to cry and scream. But on the outside, she shows that she doesn't care. 

School finished and Alison walked home. She dropped her stuff down and laid down on her bed. She let the tears stream down her face. Her parents our both on business trips. They're never home. 

She thought to herself. "I think it's time I go." She got back up and ran out her house. She ran to the cliff near the rundown asylum. 

The waves were crashing against the rocks. Ali knew what she had to do. She knows she can't deal with all the pain she goes through. As she was about to jump off, some stopped her. 


"Don't do it." He said.

"Why should I not do it? I have nobody."

"Yes you do."

"Who? Tell me who?"

"I'm your mate..."

Ali turned around and looked at him shocked. 

"How are you my mate? Were suppose to have matching birthmarks." She said. 

He showed her his birthmark and her mouth dropped. That's the same exact birthmark she has on her arm. He looked up at the boy. She walked up towards him and grabbed his arm. She tried rubbing it off, because she thought it was fake. but it wasn't. 

"I don't think a birthmark can come off, love." He said. "what's your name?"

"Why should I tell me name? and how did you know I was you're mate?" She asked. 

He chuckled. "Well, my mom is friends with your mom and she saw my birthmark. So that's how I know you're my mate."

Ali frowned. She never knew she had time to talk to people. Her mom is always working. She looked at her "mate". He had tan skin, hazel eyes, a chiseled jaw. She had to admit he was handsome. 

"Ali. that's my name. What's yours?" She said. 

"Zayn. Zayn Malik." He said. 

The name fits him perfectly. He's handsome. Ali saw his muscles through his tshirt. He must work out. She thought. Zayn grabbed her hand and they began to walk. 

"Where are we going?" Ali asked.

"My place." he said. 

His voice was so masculine, yet husky. She followed him and they walked up to a BMW. Her eyes widened. 

"You like it?" Zayn asked. 

"Yeah. What do you do?" Ali asked.

"I got it for my 18th birthday." He said. 

They both climbed into the car. Zayn dug in his pocket and took out the keys. He started the engine. He drove away from the cliff and drove down the road to his house. 

"Why were you by the cliff?" she asked. 

"Why do ask some many questions?" he said. 

He smirked and paid attention back to the road. 

"I'm serious." she said. 

Zayn let out a breathe. "It's my thinking place. It's the only place were I can be by myself. I live with four other people and trust me. It's not quite."

Ali nodded her head agreeing. She looked at Zayn while he was driving. Taking in all his flaws. Zayn felt her eyes in his skull. He smirked. 

"Having fun looking at me. He chuckled. 

Ali looked down and blushed. She played with her fingers. 

Zayn pulled up at a mansion. Ali looked at it in amazement. She loves in big house, but not this big. He parked the car and turned off the engine. 

"C'mon. I'll introduce you to the boys." He said. 

Ali and Zayn got out the car and walked up the steps. They walked in and Ali gasped. They had a crystal chandler hanging above from them. Zayn grabbed Ali's hand and lead her to the living room. 

Four other boys were messing around in the living rooms. 

"Boys!" Zayn yelled. 

They all stopped what they were doing and got up.

"We have a guest. Ali. This is Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall." Zayn said. 

She looked at the boys and they all looked handsome. 

"Hi. I'm Louis."

He hugged Ali and she hugged back.

"I'm not a handshaker."

Ali smiled and a boy with curly hair and piercing green eyes came up to her. 

"Hi. I'm Harry."

"I'm Niall."

"And I'm Liam."

She smiled. "Nice to meet you all."

"So Zayn, why did you bring her here? Just asking." Liam asked. 

"She's my mate."

They looked at them and Zayn and Ali showed their birthmarks. The boys smiled and congratulated Zayn. 

"Are you hungry?" Zayn asked. 

"Yes." I said. 

Zayn led her to the kitchen and she sat down on a chair by the island. Zayn took out some chicken and noddles. 

"Do you like chicken alfredo?" He asked. 

Ali nodded. "I love it. it's my favorite."

Zayn smiled. Ali smiled back at him. Zayn took of his jacket and placed it on the chair. He was wearing a muscle shirt and all of his tattoos were showing. Ali looked at them well. 

"You have a lot of tattoos." She said. 

"Yeah. I just like them. It makes me feel badass." he said. 

Ali giggled and he chuckled. He cooked the food and placed them on plates. They had six of them. 

"Boys! dinners done!" He yelled. 

They walked in and grabbed their plates. Zayn sat by Ali an they dug in. 

"This is really good." She said. "It's good Zayn. "

He smiled. "I'm glad you like it."

They all finished eating dinner and put the plates in the sink. 

"Louis! it's your turn to do the dishes!" Zayn yelled. 

Louis groaned and everyone laughed. 

"Follow me." Zayn said. 

Ali followed Zayn to a room. Probably his bedroom. She walked in and Zayn closed the door. 

"You can sit on my bed. "

She sat down on his bed and it was comfy. Zayn sat beside her. 

"So. Why did you want to kill yourself?" He asked. 

Ali let out a sigh. "I don't know if I should tell you. I mean we just met and all."

"It's okay. I understand. Wanna watch a movie?" He said. 

Ali nodded. Zayn got up and picked a movie on Netflix and played it. It was Grease. 

"This is my favorite movie." Ali said. 

"Mine too." He said. 

They both laid down on his bed. Zayn on one side, Ali on the other. They bit watched the movie. Ali shivered and Zayn noticed. Zayn grabbed her waist gently. She flinched. 

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you." Zayn said. 

She nodded and Zayn wrapped his arms around her waist. She laid her head on his tone chest. Zayn kissed her forehead. They both felt tingles. 

"Thank you, Zayn."

"For what?"

"For saving me."

Then she fell asleep in his warm embrace.

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