This Is a Teen Fiction Book

A deconstruction and satire of the teen fiction genre, This Is a Teen Fiction Book focuses on the life of Aislinn Logan. She's popular, athletic, fun, and going to have the year of her life. Unfortunately the year doesn't go as smoothly as planned. The new girl, Naveah Hockley catches the eye of both the brooding mysterious Hunter Morris and Aislinn's almost boyfriend Adam. On top of that, weird things start happening around her, things that no one seems to want to explain.


3. What Nightmares are From

One may assume that the sheriff of a small town like Thorndale would be a bumbling fool. Sheriff Chavez was well aware of this assumption and did everything he could to prove anyone and everyone wrong. He was as sharp as a tack and built like The Rock circa 1993, all in an effort to quench any comparisons to Barney Fife.

The sheriff, who many women found good looking with his naturally tan skin and his gorgeous latin eyes, finished examining the body and walked over to where Adam and Aislinn stood. They were both wrapped in gray blankets, trying their best to keep composure. Sheriff Chavez changed his expression from stern to compassionate as he approached.

“Hey Aislinn,” he said as softly as he could manage at a crime scene. “I have a few questions I’d like to ask you, if that’s all right,” he stated. She looked up at Adam with concern in her eyes. He nodded at her as the deputy came over to ask him some questions of her own.

Chavez and Aislinn took a few steps away from the hullabaloo before speaking.

“Can you tell me what happened tonight?” he asked.

Aislinn went through the events between deciding to go on a walk and finding Mrs. B’s carcass. Chavez remained supportive through her story right up until she mentioned seeing a human form.

“So you think it may have been a person who did this?” he inquired.

“I know it looks like a cut and dry animal attack, Sheriff, but you asked for my story and it includes seeing a human in all black. You think I’m crazy, don’t you?” she shifted her feet out of embarrassment.               

“Only a fool would write this off as an animal attack without looking at all the factors. Don’t ever feel like you can’t tell the truth because of what someone else might think of it,” he said as he smiled.

After the statements were taken, Chavez offered to drive Aislinn home. She dreaded the idea of explaining to her parents what had happened, but she feared being alone outside more.

When they arrived at Aislinn’s modest, two story brick home the down stairs lights were still on. Chavez knocked on the door with typical police officer purpose, and it only took about twenty seconds for the door to swing open. Her mother stood in the doorway wearing pink pajamas and a thin robe that she quickly closed over herself.

“Sheriff Chavez, what’s going on?” she asked as cheerfully as possible.

“There was a mole in my crime syndicate. They caught us trying to ship counterfeit grain over to Rockdale,” Aislinn interjected.

“I told you to keep it in the family,” her dad yelled from his recliner in the living room. Aislinn walked into the house and left Chavez to explain the situation to her mother. She plopped down on the couch and tried not to pass out from exhaustion both emotional and physical.             

“I thought you were upstairs, kiddo,” her dad said without tearing his eyes away from his Sudoku book.              

“I definitely should have stayed there,” she yawned.

“Did you get in any real trouble? Drugs? Knocking over the Cefco?” he took the opportunity to look at her. Of course he never believed that Aislinn was anything but a great kid, and she was, but he felt the need to clarify.

“No, I didn’t get into any trouble, but can I let Mom tell you what happened?” she asked, rising to go to bed.

“Sure thing, Don Aislinn,” he smirked.

Aislinn walked past the door on her way to the stairs, and of course, her mother stopped her.

“I’m disappointed in you for sneaking out. I’d really like to take action so that you know I mean it, but since you’ve been through enough tonight I’ll just ask you to not do it again,” her mom said after shutting the door.

“I won’t, Mom. I promise,” Aislinn replied. Her mother pulled her into a hug and told her if she wanted to talk, she could. Aislinn just nodded and dragged her tired body up the stairs to get a good six hours of sleep.


Aislinn found herself back in the woods, this time completely alone. There was a preternatural fog that was uncommon to central Texas dancing about her feet. The moon peered through the trees and illuminated the light blue prom dress she was wearing. She should have felt afraid, but the whole situation seemed eerily normal.

The trees in front of her began to rustle and she heard the faintest whisper of her name. “Aislinn,” called the malevolent voice. She didn’t respond. “Aislinn,” the voice repeated. This time, she ran.

                She sprinted through the forest as quickly as possible which was not easy considering she was in a ball gown and wearing heels. Her efforts were futile. The fog around her began to morph into the shape of a human, and she realized that Mrs. B was forming in front of her. To Aislinn’s horror, the woman was reanimating wit the slashes in her flesh intact.

She reached out a bloody arm to Aislinn trying to grasp at the girl’s throat. Aislinn attempted to step back and fell over a branch that had not been there before. Impending doom set in, and Aislinn decided the only thing she could do was close her eyes and accept her fate.


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