Will You Be Mine?

Karley and Justin have been friends since grade 2, But when Karley comes on tour with Justin, Karley starts to have feelings for Justin but doesn't want them to get in the way of their friendship.
The thing is, Justin has had a crush on Karley since grade 2 but Karley doesn't know.
Will Karley an Justin be together?
Will Karley not want to ruin their friendship?


1. Introduction







                                                     ~ Karley’s P.O.V. ~

Hello! My name is Karley Mathews. I just recently turned 17 and live in Miami. I am going on tour with Justin Bieber because I am one of his dancers. My bestfriend Charlie is also coming along because she is also a dancer. 

Justin and I have been really good friends since before he became famous because he used to go to my school so that's how I got my dancing spot on his tour. 

The more I Start to hangout with him, The more I am starting to like him, but I don't want to tell him because I don't know how he feels about me. 





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