Will You Be Mine?

Karley and Justin have been friends since grade 2, But when Karley comes on tour with Justin, Karley starts to have feelings for Justin but doesn't want them to get in the way of their friendship.
The thing is, Justin has had a crush on Karley since grade 2 but Karley doesn't know.
Will Karley an Justin be together?
Will Karley not want to ruin their friendship?


8. Chapter 6

                                                           ~~ Karley's P.O.V. ~~

Justin and I walked out of the hotel, and as soon as we got outside, there were screaming girls trying to get to Justin. Justin eventually quickly went and took pictures with fans and signed some stuff and then met back with me. 

J- Hey, sorry. I just love my fans too much to not go take photos. 

K- Oh, don't worry. I totally understand.

J- Ok, good. Do you mind if I drive? 

K- No, not at all. Uhm, do you want to take my car so the fans don't follow us?

J- Sure.

I handed Justin my car keys and I got into the passenger side. Justin went around and got in the drivers seat, turned the car on, and drove away. 


It has been about 30 minutes and Justin and I have finally arrived. I looked around to see where we were, and I saw that we were at an amusment park. 

J- I hope you still like rollercoasters. 

K- Hahahha. Never stopped. 

J- Good, because that's what we are going on first.


Justin and I rode the rollercoaster 4 times and then decided to go eat since it was 2:30 and we were both hungry. 

Justin took me to a hotdog vender at the food court and got me a hotdog and a lemonade, and Justin got a hotdog and a bottled water. 

After we got our food, we went to find a bench so we could sit down and eat. 




* Sorry that it's short but I was at the hospital from 12:20 and just got out at 5:00. And all because i sprained my finger so half of my hand is in a splint and it's a pain in the ass to write. But I'll try to post 2 chapters on Friday. 

Bye lovlies. xxx*


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